Turn your smartphone or tablet computer and wait for the operating system Android. Check the settings of wireless devices to which you want to connect. Note the access point name and password.
Open the main menu of the mobile device and navigate to submenu "Settings". Select "Wireless & networks". Open settings Wi-Fi networks.
Check the box next to the item to activate the adapter work wireless connection. Launch of this device. After a few seconds you will see a list of detected wireless networks.
Select the desired access point, focusing on the names. Launch Windows password. Follow this procedure and click "Connect". If your mobile computer failed to connect to network, press "options".
Make sure that the option "Static IP address" is not active. If you need to use a permanent network address, check the checkbox for this item.
Fill in the offered form. Be sure to check the correctness of the address entered in the fields "Gateway" and DNS. Save the settings and again try to connect to a wireless network.
Be sure to check the APN settings and compare them with the requirements of the mobile device. Perhaps your tablet computer can only work with networks, the protection of which is ensured by the standards WEP and not WPA.
It is important to understand that devices with the Android operating system, usually do not work together with wireless adapters for laptops. To install the connection "computer-computer" use additional programs. In this situation, all the necessary manipulations need to be carried out with a laptop, not a tablet computer.