To connect to a Wi-Fi network, go to "Settings". He is always available by pressing the menu button on the home screen of the device. Then go to "Wireless networks" the list of partitions. If your phone is running Windows Phone, access the item can be done through "Settings" - Wi-Fi.
Move the slider to the Wi-Fi switch to "On" to activate data transfer mode. After that, the screen will be a list available for use by access points located in the vicinity of the apparatus. The closest point will be displayed at the top of the list.
Select your network to connect by tapping on it. If necessary, specify the password for the network and click OK. If the password is correct, will start the network connection. Once the connection with the access point is installed you will see the connection indicator in the top bar of the screen of the device. The connection is finished and you can start using Internet on phone.
If you want your HTC has completed the distribution of the Internet available on the SIM card, go to "Wireless & networks" - "router Settings" menu "Settings". Among the proposed settings provide a name for your future access point to be displayed on the screen of other devices to connect to it. In the "Security" section, specify the next password for the network you are creating. Once all settings are made, click "Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot" to enable the distribution of Internet.
Depending on the operating system version of the menu names may change. So, to create Wi-Fi hotspot you might have to switch to the menu "USB modem/access point" device or activate a partition Wi-Fi Hotspot.
After use of the access point, do not forget to disable it via the appropriate menu item, since its operation spends a significant amount of the charging apparatus.