Being in the home region (otherwise the call will be paid), please call the number 06745. Wait for the answering machine message "Your request has been accepted. Wait for SMS notification of the execution of the query. Thank you for calling." Soon your phone will receive the SMS-message.
Open the message you received. It will contain information about the balance of no-charge services and services with preferential rates for the current date. You will need the following fragment of the message: "nnn,nn, MB/month max speed". Here nnn is an integer, and nn is the fractional part of the number of remaining megabytes received and transmitted data, after the exhaustion of which the speed will be reduced to 64 kilobits per second.
The period during which the measured traffic volume, in the "Beeline" is the month (unlike other operators, where this period may be a day or an hour). The first day of the following month, the rate will be restored, and the traffic volume will be reset. The number of megabytes provided per month at the maximum speed depends on the fare. If you do not like the monthly fee is too big or too small amount of traffic, change the tariff to a more suitable. Note that the change of tariff plan typically charges a one-time payment.
If you have enabled auto renewal service traffic, after exhausting the number of megabytes provided according to the tariff plan, the speed is not reduced and is removed from the account a certain amount for providing some extra traffic volume on maximum speed. When you are exhausted and they again removed, this amount, and are again given the same traffic volume, etc. In this case, the SMS message indicates the amount of traffic, which will happen once the withdrawal amount for the option speed.
In some tariffs, such as the line "All inclusive", autorenew speed is a service is activated by default. To disable it, call while in the home region, the number 0674717780. Now after exhausting entitlement per month of the amount of data will decrease the speed of up to 64 kilobits per second and not the withdrawal amount for auto-renewal.