The operator "MegaFon" provides its settings on free number 0500. Dial the number, press the call button, and then follow the voice prompts. In addition, there is room 5049, which you can send an SMS with the text 1 and get the automatic settings. There is also the possibility to customize by filling a special form on the company's official website or by contacting the the customer support center.
Beeline allows you to connect Internet in two ways: on number *110*181# and *110*111#. The difference between them is that the first room connects through GPRS, and the second without. Please note that after sending the request one of these rooms it is necessary to perform so-called "reset" of the phone (that is, first switch your phone off and then back on again).
mobile phone. This must be done in order to check phone's GPRS.
Toll free number 0876 you can get Internet settings from your operator "MTS". It is also possible to do it directly on the website (just enter your number in the designated field), in the office or with a short number 1234. You only need to send a message that contains no text.