In order to know the balance of the subscriber of Beeline, you can dial on mobile phone *102#. You will receive a return message with information on the status of your account. On some phones should dial #102#. In addition, there are additional requests for information on certain types of services, such as SMS packages (*106# or #106#), bonuses (*107# or #107#), the balance of traffic (*108# or #108#) and others.
Quickly see the balance using the "Balance on screen". Connect it by dialing *110*902#. In this case, when sending a request to *102# or #102# information on the status of the account will be immediately displayed on the phone screen, freeing you from having to wait for a reply SMS message.
Use short number 0697 to know the phone balance Beeline. This option is available for subscribers using pre-paid billing system. In other cases, you can call the number 067404. Service automatic notification will report the status of your account.
Go to the SIM menu "Beeline" on your phone. It can be placed in the main menu or in the settings section of the device. Click "My balance" and click on the tab "Basic balance". After some time on the phone screen will display information on the status of the account.
To check the status of account Beeline can be in your online account accessible via the service "My Beeline". Get a password to log in with your phone with the command *110*9# or *111#. Log in to your account and check your data on the main page. Among them will be present and the account balance. Using the service menu you can also specify connected services and controlled costs on them.
To check the balance of another Beeline subscriber, use the service "Balance the family". To connect your friend or relative needs to add you to "white list", typing from my phone *131*1*your phone number in 10-digit format#. Now you can learn the balance on the subscriber's account with the command *131*6*the caller's phone number# by typing it on your mobile phone.