Mobile modems are supplied with special software which is embedded in the memory of the modem detected as a USB drive. The program of the modem there is a button "Statistics". It displays the number of received and transmitted data during the accounting period. Accounting period, e.g. a month, you can choose in the drop down menu or a list of periods will be provided immediately in the same tab, like the Megaphone-modem. Knowing the tariff plan, you can see traffic package on your tariff for the website operator, and to calculate the balance data without speed limits to the end of the month.
SIM card with special tariffs for active users of 3G-Internet contain statistics on the requested servers of the subscribers of mobile operators. In order to know how much traffic is left to the end of the month, you need to dial USSD-command. Usually it is similar to control team balance, and contains the characters "*" and "#". For example, Beeline is the *105# and press the call button.
Broadband ISPs, providing ADSL access to the Internet and also via Wi-Fi, have their own websites with a virtual personal account users. Look in the contract for the provision of data services your user name and password from the service statistics, as well as the address of the Internet website of the company providing Internet access. On the website you will see a button or link "Statistics" or "Information for users" and a login form for the virtual private office. There usually and the rest of the traffic if your data plan is limited.