You will need
  • phone.
Call the technical support service of clients of the company "Beeline number 0611 and choose the voice menu, respectively, the item "the Internet . Following the instructions of the system, perform the desired sequence of actions to get to know your current tariff plan of the service, or enter a command to associate with a specialist. In the latter case, it is possible that you will have to wait a long time for a reply, often because the lines are overloaded.
After you wait for the operator answers, provide the number of your personal account and information about the person, in which the connection was made for this service. After some time, the support technician will inform you the necessary information.
Go to the official site of company "Beeline and into the category of "Beeline modem . Create a personal user account (you may need access to a mobile phone specified at the time of connection or the username and password specified in the contract). Review the information relative to the current tariff plan of the services in the relevant menu section.
Open the software of your modem and type in the combination *110*05# , then wait for the response of the network with information about your tariff plan "Beeline modem . Please note that if you have not changed the tariff plan of the service from the moment connected, you can view the information you provided you copies of the contract.
If you are using a SIM card of the operator "Beeline in a normal USB modem, find software "Current tariff plan and wait for a response from the network. This action is supported not by all models of modems, so in its absence, the menu just use the combination *110*05# .