Check balance on Beeline mobile phone

Today's most popular mobile devices are phones and smartphones, and to find out balance on the Beeline, using USSD-commands. To the subscribers of the prepaid system, you must perform the following steps:

1. Dialing *102# and press the call key. Within a few minutes on the screen of the mobile device will display information about the state of balance.

2. If, after dialing the combination, the answer came with strange characters, it means that the model of the phone in the responses to the queries does not support the display of letters of the Russian alphabet. You need to set another command - #102# and the answer will come in Latin letters, which can read almost each user of a mobile device.

Different USSD request to subscribers who are on photoplates rate. To check balance dial the combination *110*45# and wait for the expense report for the current period indicating the amount to be paid.

Sometimes to receive financial information by sending USSD-request is impossible and for such cases, the operator provides another way to check the balance on the Beeline. Need to dial the number 0697, and voice response will dictate the amount of Fund balance or debt on the account.

In addition to these methods, it is possible to order the service "Balance on screen", which has a monthly fee in the amount established by the operator. After the connection USSD-request *110*901# and the balance will be displayed on the screen after every call.

How to check balance on Beeline through the Internet

To know balance on Beeline through the Internet, the subscriber connection, necessary to access the personal account, and it can be done in the following way:

- to visit the site and go to "Mobile communication";

request a password by sending a request to *110*9#;

see "Mobile communications", go to "my account", then in the field "Login" enter mobile number of 10 digits in the "Password" field - the code received in the SMS and login to your personal page.

In the "dashboard" will be available to the subscriber any information regarding his numbers, including his state of balance.

Check balance on Beeline modem

To check the balance it is necessary not only to mobile phone owners but also the users of the modems. For that feature every modern modem is installed, the management program that allows you to check the remaining money in the account.

In older models of modems of these services there, so you can check the balance on the Beeline by sending USSD commands. For this special window for sending requests to drive combination *102# and wait for the result which will appear in the next few minutes.

How to learn a foreign balance

In some situations, it is necessary to learn a foreign balance of Beeline. This may require the child's parents in order to Supplement his account, or person, close relative or friend who can't put money into the account yourself.

To check others balance, you need to call the number 8-903-388-86-96 and following the prompts of answering machine enter the number you want to check, in the format +7 – location code – mobile number - #. After that, the answering machine will be given information about the status of the account number entered.

For subscribers of operator provided a sufficient number of ways to check the balance on Beeline in order to effectively control the availability of funds in your account and in time to replenish it for making calls.