The fastest way to tell the rest of the traffic on the Beeline, you can use USSD-request *107#. Information on the number of remaining megabytes will be displayed on the screen or will be sent to your mobile number via SMS messages. However, on some phones, this method may not work, so try to call the short number 06745, and you will receive a message with the required information. This method is relevant for the owners of modems of Beeline enough to remove the SIM card from the device and insert it into the phone.
Try to check the traffic on the Beeline subscriber's personal office on the official website of the operator. You will receive username and password to login, following the page instructions. Go to the info section of your room and note on the tab "Internet traffic". When you click on it in the special window will display the current balance.
You can read the rest of the traffic by using application called "My Beeline" which can install on their devices, users of smartphones and tablets running iOs, Android and Windows Mobile. You can download it on the official website of the operator. After quick registration you will get access to all the information in your room in your personal account. Also the ability to set special background application is available and users of various social networks.
Check out the rest of the traffic on the Beeline, calling for a United free reference number 0611. To obtain information in an automatic mode, selecting the voice menu, or contact directly to the operator by pressing "0". In addition, subscribers can request any information on fares and services in local offices, and salons of Beeline.