You will need
  • - registration documents as Yul;
  • the license for educational activity;
  • premises and equipment;
  • - employees;
  • - educational programs.
  • - forms of diplomas or certificates;
  • advertising.
To begin the work necessary to execute the limited liability company. For this package you need to contact tax body at the location of the future organization.
Educational activities definitely licensed. To obtain the appropriate permits in the city administration.
Next, you need to find a place. You have to have the class for lecture classroom with desks and chairs, and a hall for practical training. The school in this room you can arrange for a hairdresser economy class, where you will operate your student interns.
In the room you need to make repairs, buy furniture and hairdressing equipment. Wouldn't hurt to have a projector and a personal computer.
When the halls of your school will be ready for use, you should choose teachers. To train future hairdressers at first you can own, but with the influx of customers may be that you have too much work, because you will still hang out and all the organizational aspects.
If you will conduct the training in several areas, each of them should write the educational program. Such a program must be given the topics, marked with the number of lecture and practical hours, and also describes the knowledge and skills upon completion of training, will receive a future hairdresser.
Make sure that at the end of training may be issued diplomas or certificates.
Don't forget about advertising. Use different types: outdoor and online advertising to print ads in specialized magazines and distributing leaflets.