The majority of photography schools and courses, unfortunately, can not boast of highly qualified educators and are not able to give a decent education. About workshops you if you are self-taught, too, it is better to forget, because it's not enough. In Moscow there are some excellent educational institutions that produce real photographers, but please note that you have to spend a considerable amount of training.

It is, first and foremost, the Moscow School of photography and multimedia. Alexander Rodchenko at the "Moscow House of photography". The school provides education not only in photography but also in the field of contemporary art and videoart. You will be able to view the documentary design photography and new media. The school has 2 training programs: daily budget (on a competitive basis) and evening pay. However to do on a budget is incredibly difficult. The school has a brilliant teaching staff, consisting of authoritative, influential people: photographers, artists, and art historians. Among them – Igor Mukhin, Yekaterina Degot and many others. There is one drawback: the school. Rodchenko issues a certificate that is not a state diploma. But it is not critical, because today is estimated at more professionalism than the presence of crusts.

One of the largest photography schools in Russia – the Academy of photography. This is perfect for beginners. Training is paid, but you will be provided with a professionally equipped photo Studio and camera. The Academy has excellent computer labs. Courses are divided into 4 categories: teenagers, beginners, advanced and professionals. If you are not sure in your desire to become a photographer, you can try a short-term program. In addition, you can choose individual training with a flexible schedule.

Another great option College of film, television and multimedia VGIK them. S. A. Gerasimov. You need to choose a specialization "Technology and photographic art". In this College you will receive a vocational education. Admission applicants pass the exam on the Russian language and pass a creative contest. The training lasts two years, after which you receive a state diploma.