How to choose a school

Today in Russia more than 2,500 agencies, employing 125 000 models. In Moscow such agencies 75, and many of them have their own school models. The most famous of them is the model School of Slava Zaitsev.

The curriculum model of the school contains classes gototraining, i.e. the ability to pose, the basic foundations of acting, the basics of choreography, history of costume, practice with makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists. Classes are supplemented by courses in nutrition and psychological trainings. Classes are held for two to four months three to four hours a week. At the end of study after passed exams, they are issued the Diploma model of the Moscow theater Slava Zaitsev", which is valid even abroad.

But keep in mind that this study - rather expensive. During the training, will be created your portfolio. And you are photographed in their clothes, but pay for the services of a stylist, photographer, hairdresser and makeup artist, will also have to pay the cost of film and photo Studio rental. The result is: payment of the training - 200-500$, portfolio – over$ 200 makeup – $ 100, the gym, sauna and pool - $ 150 each month, proper nutrition for$ 400 monthly.

All this does not guarantee you success in the chosen profession. But if, in spite of everything, you decided to devote his life to fashion, be ready for difficult work and passing a difficult path, full of disappointments, tears, and fierce competition.

Requirements for candidates

In the model School of Slava Zaitsev take in girls from 12 to 26 years, with growth not below 170 cm is Set every week. Girls should come in tight blouse and short skirt, be sure to heels. Color of eyes and hair does not matter, most important is to like Zaitsev, in fact, he holds auditions. Moreover, a candidate may not have the figure of 90-60-90 is much more important to show good body proportions. They concluded that the volume of the breast and thighs should be the same, the maximum allowable deflection is 2 cm in any direction. The waist shall be considered acceptable if it is equal to the number resulting from subtracting from your height 105 see Also figures drawn attention to the manner you present yourself. Movement should be smooth, gait – flying, posture relaxed. But the most important is posture.

Every two months, Vyacheslav Zaitsev gaining 150 students, complementing the 3-4 group for growth. The group of most tall girls take candidates with a rise from 178 to 185 cm, the other from 170 to 174 cm, etc. groups are also accepted girls wishing to gain the necessary knowledge for myself.

Anyone wishing to try yourself in the role model can come at a Moscow address: Prospekt Mira, 21, or call (495) 631-4141, (495) 681-9343. You can also visit the official website of the School of models of Slava Zaitsev: