Want to be a makeup artist. Without sincere desire and Shine in the eyes of well-known make-up artist will not become. It is advisable that you soberly assess their capabilities: are you a creative person, able to work with people, have a sense of style.
Decide what level you want to achieve. Based on this, select the place of teaching profession. If you want to work in fashion shows, in glossy magazines, or do makeup for photo shoots, choose a reputable school that proven. For example, Make Up Atelier or Make-up School. If you want to know the basics to do makeup himself and friends, you can choose basic courses.
Practice as much as possible. Connect all your mother's friends. The more ages, skin types and features of individuals you learn, the better. Don't chase after money, trying to immediately after training to find customers. The slightest misstep, and rumors will spread a bad reputation about you.
Collect beauty case. Purchase a professional bag for cosmetics and gradually fill it with the right tools. Do not pursue quantity of products, saving on price. Instead of ten means it is better to buy two or three, but highest quality and class.
Collect portfolio in parallel with practice. Maybe you know an aspiring photographer or just someone with a good camera? Ask him to take pictures of your work or organise a photo shoot, where you'll work as a makeup artist.
Make business cards and collect customer base. Hand out business cards to friends and ask them to recommend you if someone needs a makeup artist. After working with new clients also leave them my card. You can work around the wedding Agency to show their work and to offer cooperation. In extreme cases, place cards, and they have.
Write the ad on forums, in Newspapers. Make your community on social networks, you put photos of work and description of services. This will help to unwind and to attract new customers. Join a group of photographers and offer make-up services for photo shoots.
Perfection! In the profession of makeup artist there is no end point. Attend workshops, refresher courses, explore new techniques and materials. Starostes in magazines or on television, do not give up, if you are offered the role of assistant.