Creative competition

To enter the faculty of journalism, applicants must not only provide the results of the exam in Russian literature, but also to pass a creative contest. Program of creative competition and criteria which assess the knowledge of the applicant, each of the University their. Therefore, when choosing a University you should pay attention not only on the location of the institution, the conditions and the cost of education, but also to the demands of the creative competition.

Commonly for a creative applicant has an opportunity to receive up to 100 points. To check a predisposition to the profession, every applicant interview. At these interviews, the Commission identifies horizons of the applicant, his understanding of journalism.

The program also includes creative writing stage. Topics that can be caught on the exam (or examples), in advance published on the website.
Another important factor is the availability of a portfolio. Portfolio the applicant must be at least two publications in the official publishers of the media, not necessarily known.


The most prestigious universities not only in Moscow but throughout the country is MSU. Every teacher of journalism at Moscow state University has a PhD or apply to it. There is also a separate area where they teach international journalism.

The faculty is often conducted master classes by leading experts and iconic figures in the modern history of journalism. For example, proponents of sports journalism have the opportunity to talk personally with Vasily Utkin.

To do at MSU is quite difficult, so interested person will have to work hard. In addition to the internal written exams (literature and English) to meet the requirements of artistic competition. This implies the existence of 5 publications (three of which printed in year of admission). Interview questions and the names of the works can be found on the official website of Moscow state University.
The journalist faculty of Moscow state University was established in 1947. This is the "old" journalism in Russia.

Other universities

The faculty of journalism of most Russian universities. Of course, the priority for MSU should SPSU. Creative competition at the University a little more difficult as the interview you are expected by an oral examination on social science, not a list of simple questions in the section "Why did you choose this profession?".

High-quality training to journalism can boast of Novosibirsk state University (NSU). This University for that year, seeks to go global, so clearly follows the training program. Students of journalism are no exception in NSU periodically hold meetings with famous personalities, the Dean's office vigilantly monitors the practice of the students. As for creative publication for admission to be optional, but their presence will increase the chance to get the highest score.

USU or the Ural Federal University named after B. N. Yeltsin, also known journalistic faculty. The advantage of the University is the focus on practice and students. The Dean and faculty of journalism of the Ural loyal to the couples pass in the name of practical journalism. Already from the third year students have the opportunity to combine full-time work in the media and training full-time. To enroll in this University need to also pass a creative contest, where 20 points is given to the availability of publications from the applicant.