Advice 1: How to certify a copy of the Charter

The Charter refers to the founding documents of the enterprise and sets the rules and the conduct of its business in any area or field. His copy can request various organizations and institutions for various purposes, for example, the Bank for opening an account or for a loan, business partners - negotiation of contracts. To certify a copy of the Charter in several ways. Requirements for certification will be determined on the basis of where you need to provide a copy.
How to certify a copy of the Charter
The articles are filed with the local tax authority in the establishment of the enterprise, therefore, the first place where you can get a certified copy of the Charter will be tax. You must submit an application with a request to provide a copy of the Charter and receipt of payment of the state fee. If you choose a typical procedure, a copy can be obtained five business days in the accelerated procedure - the next day, but the fee will be doubled.
To certify a copy of the Charter can be notarized. Notary for certification will require you have prepared a copy of the Charter, the original and your passport. Staple pages stapler don't need to flash the Charter will be employees of the notary office. This service is paid, for confirmation of payment by the notary is issued a receipt.
In cases where assure the document notary is not required to certify a copy of the Constitution on their own. There are two ways. The first copy of the Charter should be stitched with thread on the sewing place glued a small sheet. "Tails" of the thread for flashing should not be too short, they should peek out from under the glued sheet. Glued to the sheet, you must specify the amount of bound and numbered sheets, stamped enterprises to assure the signature, signature decoding. The printing should be clear and to go to the glued sheet and the thread. Also in this case the stamp and signature are placed on the cover sheet. In fact, it turns out that it is necessary to assure copies of those sheets which contain marks and signs.
The second type of certification is more tedious. It involves the certification of each page of the copy of the Charter. That is, each page must be stamped "true copy", the corporate seal and Director's signature (signature must be decrypted). To put a mark "true copy", you can use a special stamp or to do lettering by hand.
Useful advice
If you have a Charter in electronic form, easier to print it from the second to the last page and title page - remove the copy. A copy of the reverse side of the last sheet (with the tax) must be done on the back of the last printed page of the Statute.

Advice 2 : How to assure the Charter

Sometimes notaries refuse to certify a copy of the Charter. To avoid this, at the stage of registration , the organization should avoid some inaccuracies.
How to assure the Charter
Preparing documents for initial registration, pay special attention to the text of the Statute. Inconsistency of individual items may lead to conflict situations. Carefully approach the writing of paragraphs, which dealt with property rights.
After preparation of the Charter hand over the documents to the tax office for registration. After five days you will receive the certified articles of incorporation. The package of documents includes: a notarized statement, two copies of the Charter (one for archive, the other is handed out), the decision or the Protocol (signed by founders), on the orders of the General Director and chief accountant, statement on code assignment, power of attorney.
Before you certify the application at the notary, prepare the project Charter documents. Without them, the notary does not certify anything. To sling ink a statement, the founder must, in the presence of a notary.
Be sure to sew the Charter before to hand it over to the tax office. On the reverse side to put the stamp "bound-numbered, specifying the number of pages and certifying signature of the Director General.
After receiving the documents from the tax office, detect: extract from the register, round seals of tax inspection, a stamp on filled with details (date; OGRN of the company; the position, name, signature of the registering authority).

Advice 3 : How to certify a copy of the document

Very often when making any transactions or registration of certificates, certificates, etc. required to provide copies of any documents, because the originals are stored by the owner in a single copy. But that copy had some legal effect, they must be certified in accordance with established rules and regulations.
How to certify a copy of the document

When do I need to notarize documents

Copies of documents must be certified in any way, otherwise they will be considered just pieces of paper, even if their content corresponds exactly to the original. But what is a certified copy, is largely dependent on which organization you will need to present it. In some cases it will be sufficient if the document is stamped by your organization, and some – for this procedure you will have to pay the notary.

Copies of the documents you need to provide to the tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds, under registration of civil transactions, as well as for presentation to the courts, etc. So, in particular, paragraph 8 of article 75 Legal and Administrative code sets rule, according to which the courts must be submitted original documents or their copies, duly certified. Otherwise, if copies are not attested properly, a judicial decision can be challenged and even undone.

How to certify a copy of the document at the notary

At the notary you can certify a copy of any document, but since it will have to pay to assure all the same to be only those documents for which regulations stipulated it notarized. So, only certified copies are accepted in case of statement of the tax registration and its registration in the state register or in the case of registration of documents for obtaining membership in SRO and the authorization to perform a particular type of activity. Citizens, notarization is required in case of registration of inheritance, transactions with real estate, etc.
In the absence of a notary for his signature could be likened attesting the signature of the head of administration of municipal formation or a specially designated official.

How to certify a copy of the document independently

If the instrument does not explicitly state the need to provide notarized copies, their authenticity, you can assure yourself. According to the current decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 04.08.83 No. 9779-X "On the procedure of issuing and witnessing by enterprises, institutions and organizations copies of documents relating to the rights of citizens", a copy can be certified by the head of the enterprise or any officer, having the authority. These powers include the appropriate order.
If the copy is on several pages, to assure you each of them individually, or sewn and numbered sheets, and the certifying labels to indicate: "copy of the 3 sheets is correct".

Therefore, the documents of the organization and its employees has the right to assure the supervisor or the official who has authority to do so. The legal force of such copy in accordance with GOST R 51141-98, will give the necessary details: the mark of the original document, date of issue and the inscription "true Copy" approved by the last name, initials, signature of the officer-witness. The authenticity of the signature of the witness is confirmed by the seal of the organization.

Advice 4 : How to certify a copy

The Commission of any transaction or case to the state organization, as a rule, require certified copies of documents. These can be copies of contracts, copies of passport or employment records. The main way to implement validation is to appeal to the notary, but there are other options.
certification of documents

The ways of verification of documents

Certification of documents can happen in several ways, depending on who exactly you need to get your hands on the paper: organization, individual entrepreneur or a private person.

1. A direct address to the notary at the place of residence. To do this you need to find out where the district office of a notary, and come to him during office hours on issues certified copies. Depending on the load of a specialist you can make documents almost immediately or to spend half an hour or more, waiting for their turn. If you anticipate a large volume of work, it is possible that the notary you need to register. The same services can be obtained from private specialists.

2. Departure of the notary on the individual or organization. In this case, it is sufficient to have a telephone notary office to pre-negotiate the terms of his arrival and the amount of work. Often, this opportunity was used by small businesses, entrepreneurs and people who do not have the opportunity to come to the office to the notary.

3. Self-certification of copies. For large companies and organizations, this method is optimal, as they are entitled to certify copies of documents held by them.

4. Ordering of certified copies and copies with granting of originals on the website of public services. In this resource there is a large list of documents, copies of which can be ordered natural or legal person. For example, a copy of the certificate of state registration.

What is needed for certification of documents

To properly and timely execute and certify a copy of the desired document, you need to have:

• passport;
• the document that is being notarized;
• a copy of the certified document;
• a certain amount to pay for the services of a notary, which you can specify by phone in each office.

Also for the procedure of certification of copies may require additional documents:

• a power of attorney granting the right to certify copies of documents of another person;
• the document confirming the right to free notary services or services at reduced rates;
• a document giving the right to a free notary on the house;
• a document confirming the right to certify copies of documents of a particular organization.

Assure documents

If you or your family do not have the opportunity to personally visit the notary for certification of copies of the document, the expert can be invited to the house. To do this, look in the Handbook or on the website of the organization the phone number of the notary. When you call, specify your need. Secretary will guide you through the prices and features of services, after which you will be able to negotiate the time of arrival of the specialist. Shortly before that, do not forget to prepare everything necessary for the provision of services: the documents, a convenient place for the notary work, money.
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