The articles are filed with the local tax authority in the establishment of the enterprise, therefore, the first place where you can get a certified copy of the Charter will be tax. You must submit an application with a request to provide a copy of the Charter and receipt of payment of the state fee. If you choose a typical procedure, a copy can be obtained five business days in the accelerated procedure - the next day, but the fee will be doubled.
To certify a copy of the Charter can be notarized. Notary for certification will require you have prepared a copy of the Charter, the original and your passport. Staple pages stapler don't need to flash the Charter will be employees of the notary office. This service is paid, for confirmation of payment by the notary is issued a receipt.
In cases where assure the document notary is not required to certify a copy of the Constitution on their own. There are two ways. The first copy of the Charter should be stitched with thread on the sewing place glued a small sheet. "Tails" of the thread for flashing should not be too short, they should peek out from under the glued sheet. Glued to the sheet, you must specify the amount of bound and numbered sheets, stamped enterprises to assure the signature, signature decoding. The printing should be clear and to go to the glued sheet and the thread. Also in this case the stamp and signature are placed on the cover sheet. In fact, it turns out that it is necessary to assure copies of those sheets which contain marks and signs.
The second type of certification is more tedious. It involves the certification of each page of the copy of the Charter. That is, each page must be stamped "true copy", the corporate seal and Director's signature (signature must be decrypted). To put a mark "true copy", you can use a special stamp or to do lettering by hand.