Private matter of the employee is a folder with all necessary documents (application for employment, application form or personal form of accounting personnel, curriculum vitae or resume, a copy of the order on employment, orders, incentives and punishments, etc.). Therefore to generate it remove all the necessary copies and take the originals to the employee.
The cover of the personal file should be prepared in the form prescribed by GOST 17914-72. It is true that currently (especially in commercial organizations) this was not always adhered to. But in order to avoid misunderstandings and problems with the regulatory authorities, must ensure that the cover of the personal file contained the required minimum information.
At the top right of the cover page, specify the serial number of the case (usually a personnel number). Under this room is a private matter is recorded in the "Book (magazine) of the account of private Affairs". This book should contain the following information: sequence number, surname, name, patronymic of the employee, the date that the statement of the case on the account and date of withdrawal of the case from the register.
In some organizations, in addition to the serial (service) number in the upper right corner of the cover still fill the column: "Foundation no.____ and Inventory No.____".
In the middle of the cover, write the full name of the organization. For example, "limited liability company "Vostok". Under it the abbreviated name of the organization: "OOO "Vostok", and below is the name of structural division where the employee works. For example: "the supply Department". These data indicated: "Personal number ..." in accordance with a service room referred to in the upper right part. Immediately following this, write the surname, name and patronymic of the employee in the nominative case.
In the lower right corner of the cover of the personal file should be such records:
- "Start date";
- "End date";
- "_____ Sheets";
- "Keep _______".