You will need
  • Awl, nylon thread, hook, needle files, drill
To future book income and expenses looked properly prepare for her title and final leaf. It is desirable that these sheets were made of a more solid paper than the material of the documents themselves. The best option for this purpose will be the thin cardboard.
Now you need to organize all the documents according to certain criteria. After the material is ready to suturing, put it between the title and the final sheet, and then align the paper. You should also re-verify that all documents are stacked in the required order. Otherwise, you'll have on the new flash page of the book, but it is not the most pleasant job.
For a bunch of A4 sheets you will need the four holes on the front side of the sheet. These holes can be performed using ordinary sewing. Once you pierce all the leaves expand with the help of a needle file (round file) the resulting hole.
Thread through each hole nylon thread with a hook. The thread needs to go in each hole at least five times (thus achieving maximum reliability ligaments). After that you need to tie a rope to prevent spilling of the book in the future.
It should be noted the fact that Shiloh may not always come to your rescue. For example, in the case where you need to sew a huge pile of leaves. In such situations, you can use the drill. When drilling, try as hard as I could to keep the leaves. Handle needle files of the resulting hole is optional.