Preparation for sewing, and stapling documents

Prepare a copy of documents or books for flashing. Prepare a needle and thread harsh. You may need a hole punch, glue stationery, sticker (paper 4 by 6 cm), and print. Next, prepare the documents that will be filed. Lay the leaves properly, check the correct order they are stacked. If stapled a few sheets, enough to pierce with a needle. Spend strictly vertical line on the sewing place symmetrically on the center mark 3-point, between which is strictly for 3 cm, and can sew. If the document is particularly important, you can make five holes for flashing with an interval of 3 cm is Possible to make holes with a hole punch.

For accounting documents that must be filed thick bundles, you can use two options. Pierce parts and promote on a string. Or make a puncture with a thick long nail and a hammer. Before flash log anything number the pages from cover to cover. Next, use the nail and hammer to pierce holes. Or pierce with an awl.

Than and how to stitch documents

Flash documents in multiple sheets can be in the usual thread, but it is better to choose the thread of the piercing (cold filament). Bundle of Bank documents it is better to flash Bank split. Magazines – the thread is harsh, because the magazine itself is bonded, and the thread needs to guarantee that the leaves will not be torn.
The book of income and expenditure shall be numbered and stitched. On the last page, you specify the details on the book and signatures and stamps (if any) of the owner and tax representative.

Better to flash the documents twice for reliability. The correct version of the firmware, when it starts the thread on the back side of the document and there appears the rest of the thread after flashing. How many inches of thread to leave on the back side? Inches 5-7. Then it is convenient thread to tie a knot. The ends of the thread should be approximately equal for subsequent sealing.

Design stitched document

What to do with the accounting documents after stitching? You can send in a cupboard or in the archive. Work with them on the firmware completed. While documents are important, for example, the protocols need to prepare further. For this purpose label of thin paper. Pre-printed on it the following text: "Stitched, numbered, signed and stamped by the N-sheets". N is the number of sheets indicated in words and figures. Next is the position of the head, name of organization, proper signature and seal. The text, of course, is printed in advance, and the signature and seal is put later.
The book of accounts and revenues, which was conducted electronically, printed at the end of the reporting period, the printouts are stapled and certified by the owner and representative of the tax authority.

The sticker is located on the rear side of the document so that it was closed the knot of thread and part thread. The tips of the threads are displayed outside of the sticker and glued stationery glue over the entire surface of the sticker. Just you can now sign head stamp. The same procedure with the label exposed logs.