You will need
  • hole punch, a folder for research paper, drill
Check with the University requirements for formatting dissertations. In schools, the rules can vary considerably. Sometimes students are even advised to contact the specific workshop.
Contact organization concerned with the interweaving of diplomas. It may be copying, publishing and printing center, a Bindery or a shop that sells photographic supplies. To find the right company, use the Internet services helpdesk or stroll around the city, paying attention to the signs. Note that even within one city, the cost of cover is not the same.
Select the binding. It is hard and soft (binding). Hardcover is a tight bond document covers, United metal clip. Its production takes as a rule, not less than one day. Some firms accept orders via e-mail. Version of the design (color, lettering) you can choose. Look work is solid, but it will cost you about 300-400 rubles.
As a rule, the Department is required to take 3, and sometimes 4 copies of the thesis, so it makes sense to choose the cheaper option – a binding. Diploma – not a degree. The main thing that it looked neat, and the leaves would not decay and have a solid feel it is not necessary. The cost for soft cover is about 100-150 rubles. The leaves are held together with a plastic or metallic spring, the work is sewn a transparent cover. Is this mess in the first 5-10 minutes.
If you want to flash a thesis independently, you will need a hole punch. Powerful punches are at least 1000-1500 rubles. Simpler models allow you to punch holes a maximum of 35 sheets at a time (i.e., the diploma will be divided into parts, marking with a pencil the location of future punctures). Buy a folder with cord for binding the leaves. File folder with metal mechanism will not work, because it is not reliable. Gently fold the sheets of the thesis in the stack. Having made holes in them using hole-punch, insert the sheets in the folder and tie a lace. Secure the knot (it should be at the rear of) sticky tape (strip of paper).
Hole punch if you have one, and buy it you do not plan to use the drill to make holes for stitching the thesis. Ensure that the sheets are not shifted when you do that.