Causes of bruising
They mostly arise as a result of trauma and often confuse them with bruises. However, hematoma bruising far more dangerous, because it may be infection. With a hematoma you should immediately contact the hospital.
Now back to the bruises. If they appear on the body for no reason, no reason at all, it means that blood vessels can easily break, because there is not enough durable. This is mainly due to the inadequate intake of vitamins and trace elements. However, there may be other reasons, for example, any internal diseases (liver disease, bleeding disorders, etc.).
It is worth noting that women have the bruises appear more often than in men. The fact that the weak half of mankind vessel walls are more permeable due to the estrogens and progesterones. Has bruising from capillary fragility may appear in those women who regularly drag and lift weights.
How to cure bruises?
The best option is to apply a bag of ice, you can also use a packet of frozen peas. Under the influence of cold blood vessels constrict, surrounding tissues cease to be impregnated with blood, swelling and inflammation are reduced.
Also, bruising can be treated with ointments and medications. If the injury is not strong, they will help to prevent the appearance of a bruise. The most popular means is angioprotectors (prevent edema, reduce inflammation, decrease capillary permeability).
Please note that if the result of the injury you have earned two or more than two bruises, they should not be treated independently as a hematoma. If you received a lot of surface injuries, may occur internal bleeding. His presence and absence will be able to test only the trauma.
How long do you treat a bruise?
The fight with bruises can take several days to a month. It depends on the characteristics of the organism, the size of the bruise from where he came. Too bad if the bruise you got on your feet. The fact that the processes of microcirculation in the body are much faster than in those parts of the body that are located above. In the end, lower limbs will have to wait for healing is much longer. But this, of course, does not mean that to protect from impacts the rest of the body is not necessary.