For starters, you need to attach to the site of injury something rather cold, for example, ice. Cold, acting on the vessels, narrows them, which is fast enough to stop the blood flowing under the skin, and relieves pain.

If people at hand was not, may come to the aid of elastic bandage, which presses the damaged blood vessels, which prevents quite a large hematoma.

To get rid of a bruise that has appeared with the help of drugs, in which the main elements are the chestnut, heparin, leech saliva and calendula.

By the way, a cold compress of the crushed inflorescences of calendula, immersed in a concentrated welding also is an excellent remedy which will help to quickly get rid of a bruise.

In folk medicine, from the appearance of bruises is recommended to use a cabbage leaf, which previously recommended to remove the hard vein, slightly knead, in order to have the juice. Change the cabbage leaf is desirable as it dries.

Another recommended natural healer of bruises is comfrey, whose leaves are also applied to the site of injury.

The best way in order to get rid of bruises, recognizes a plant called mullein. To prevent its occurrence, it is recommended to use fresh flowers from which the stamens removed, moisten with water and apply the inner side to the injury. In this way, the bruise may not appear absolutely, and if it is already available, with regular changing of the flowers, to get rid of a bruise can be roughly about six hours.

For those who have no idea what a herb called "mullein", is recommended to pay attention to a mug or a mother-and-stepmother. Fresh leaves of these plants also stretch and apply less pubescent party to the bruised places.

If the bruise is still quite large, then, a day after his appearance, the specialists recommend to use a pepper patch, which contributes to the rapid resorption of a hematoma, making the bruise less noticeable and inconspicuous spot.