Advice 1: How to remove a hematoma

Hematoma – a kind of bruise, which is a limited accumulation of blood in open or closed injuries of the tissues of the wound vessels. Hematoma forms a cavity that contains liquid or coagulated blood. At home you can only remove the hematoma, located in the subcutaneous tissue or muscles.
How to remove a hematoma
You will need
  • - cold compress;
  • - tight bandage;
  • - "Troxevasin", "Troxerutin", "Badyaga 911", "er";
  • - alcohol tincture of iodine 5-10%;
  • potatoes, onions, honey;
  • pharmacy powder fresh-water sponge, hydrogen peroxide 3%;
  • - fir oil.
In the first minutes after injury, do the cold compress. You can use any products from the freezer, a bottle of cold water, a piece of cloth dipped in cold water. Not to earn cold burn, frozen ingredients be sure to wrap in a piece of cloth. Holding a compress no more than 8-11 minutes.
If nothing cold is not at hand, bruise fix a tight bandage on for 20-30 minutes. To accelerate resorption of hematoma can be used as tools of the pharmaceutical industry, and proven methods of traditional medicine.
Use the ointments or gel type "Troxevasin", "Troxerutin", "Badyagi", "Ambulance", etc. Apply a thin layer of injury to any of these medications 4-5 times a day. The time of resorption of the hematoma is significantly reduced.
The next day you can lubricate damaging warming ointments, apply compresses, alcohol tinctures. The simplest of what you can do to promote healing is applied to the injury site iodine mesh. Perform procedure 2 times a day.
Brew 2 tablespoons chopped tarragon half a liter of boiling water. Hold the infusion in a warm place for 30 minutes. Strain. Apply plant residue to injury and fix it with bandage for 2 hours. Do the procedure 3 times a day.
Grate a raw potato and an onion of medium size on a small grater, add a tablespoon of honey. Mash thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. The prepared composition, apply to the bruise as a layer of 0.5-0.8 cm compression Cover paper and fix it with bandage. Change the poultice once a day.
Pharmacy powder sponge concoctions – an effective remedy for bruises. A tablespoon of powder concoctions mixed with 15 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Apply hematoma the application layer of 0.5 cm for 20 minutes. Do the procedure 3 times a day and hematoma will resolve quickly.
If the skin is not damaged, apply to the bruise fir oil 3-4 times a day.
Useful advice
Compresses with the mashed freshly picked leaves of burdock, mother and stepmother, Rue, kaluzhnitsu swamp, plantain, mullein contribute to the rapid resorption of hematomas.

Advice 2: How to remove a hematoma under eye

Hematoma formed as a result of injuries or when rupture of a blood vessel. It can occur in the skin or under it, in muscle, periosteum, mucous membranes. Of course, if the result of a blow or fall formed a bruise under the eye, he said, against the pain, and gives aesthetic discomfort.
How to remove a hematoma under eye
You will need
  • - concoctions
  • - plantain leaf
  • - wormwood
  • - propolis tincture on vodka
  • - onions
  • - aloe
  • - celandine
  • - beets
  • - calendula flowers
After hitting upon the occurrence of hematoma get rest, apply ice to the damaged area.
Entanglement is considered as the best and effective remedy for bruises, prepared a lot of ointments which help to quickly remove the hematoma from different parts of the body. Take thirty grams of crushed concoctions and spread her fifteen grams of water. All is well knead and make bread. Apply it on the bruise under eye. As soon as you start to evaporate the water this pellet immediately begin action concoctions. To change the pellet two times a day.
Plantain leaf not only has good anti-inflammatory but a pain reliever. Crush a fresh leaf of this plant, wrap in gauze and apply to the bruise under the eye. To change the napkin with a fresh plantain must be at least drying the applied plants.
Can help to get rid of a bruise under the eye wormwood. Fresh herbs of wormwood need to pound, and then applied to the hematoma. If the bruise is very strong, then put the grass in a thick layer. This tool will help to not only get rid of bruising under the eye, but also from bruises on the whole body.
Prepare a tincture of propolis with vodka or get ready in the pharmacy. It is possible to RUB a bruise under the eye, gently patting the sore spot.
Make a compress of crushed bulbs. Just put the onion slurry into the gauze and try to impose it so that the juice from onions was not hit in the eye.
Mix a tablespoon of pulp of aloe and fifteen grams of herb celandine. To this mixture, add one small worn beets. From the separated juice make a compress. It is best to attach overnight.
To get rid of a bruise under the eye will help calendula. Thirty grams of calendula flowers boil for five minutes, let the decoction infuse for half an hour. Then strain and make this tool compresses.

Advice 3: How to remove a Hickey

Sometimes from a passionate kiss are not only pleasant memories, but also quite obvious consequences in the form of vivid Hickey. From a scientific point of view, it is a normal bruise and goes through the week, in rare cases – two. But in cases when the "marks of passion" need to get rid quickly, you need to resort to emergency funds that the assurances of experienced help to get rid of hickeys for two or three days.
How to remove a Hickey
You will need
  • - teaspoon;
  • - a cotton swab;
  • - hot water;
  • cream containing heparin;
  • - gauze bandage;
  • - iodine;
  • - a new toothbrush with soft bristles;
  • a piece of nylon fabric.
Use the contrast method of therapy. Immediately after the discovery of the Hickey apply to him for 5 minutes, cooled in the freezer teaspoon. Then replace the poultice onto a cotton swab dipped in hot water. Repeat the procedure for half an hour several times a day.
Take the cream containing heparin. Generally, the funds on the basis of this material belong to the group of wound-healing ointments, used for bruises. They are sold in pharmacies. Before use, read the instructions and apply it on cleansed skin. If the manufacturer allows the application of medication for more than 8 hours, it is best to use a compress for the night, wrapped the affected area with a gauze bandage.
Apply on the skin area, which formed a Hickey, iodine mesh. The active substance of this medication enhances blood circulation and accelerate the healing process of a Hickey. You should remember that if the hematoma located in the area of thin skin e.g. at the neck, iodine is better not to use.
Guide course a micro massage of the damaged area. During the day, you have to regularly touch his fingertips to the suction and gentle massaging movements to RUB the light redness education. It is best to use the cream that contains vitamin K. They have the ability to increase circulation and relieve pain.
Use a toothbrush to massage the damaged section. For this, take a new brush with soft bristles and pull on it a small piece of nylon. This hitter need gentle circular motions to stroke the skin. To make the effort it is not recommended, because it increases the risk of hematoma and aggravate the trigger that overgrowth.

Advice 4: How to remove a Hickey on your neck

Hickey – a side effect of lovemaking, often brings little joy, disappears for a long time. However, with the help of simple manipulations and patience the problem can be solved and remove the Hickey quickly.
How to remove a Hickey on your neck

How to remove a Hickey with improvised means

To quickly remove a Hickey, you can use ice or something cold. Delivered passionately – no need to waste time. The ice from the freezer, wrapped in plastic, is applied to the redness. A bruise, which then will not be bright and will quickly disappear.

A paste of baking soda and water, imposed in the first minute to place a Hickey, to avoid bruise. Limited to redness, which quickly disappears.

Fresh juice of onion can be quickly removed by suction. For this you need an onion cut in half and fresh cut grate place a passionate kiss. After some time to refresh slice and again edit the location of the Hickey. This can be repeated several times, if only more fresh onion juice fell on the damaged area. A slight tingling sensation in the morning will have to wait.

Cut a piece of raw beef is considered a good tool for sucking a Hickey. You need to put in place a kiss of fresh cut meat and leave for 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure every hour.

Just put a Hickey can be quickly removed if you RUB vinegar on the damaged area. Fresher than a Hickey, the more likely its complete disappearance.

How to remove a Hickey with medication

There are medicines that can quickly remove a Hickey. It is different salves, incorporating heparin, and creams with vitamin K. After their use, blood vessels constrict, and the redness reduced. With caution and strictly according to instructions you can use the "real stuff" because it can cause burns on the skin.

It is known that iodine activates blood circulation. Therefore, iodine mesh on the spot of the Hickey accelerates its absorption. In order to avoid burn is not necessary to draw cells on the areas with thin skin, e.g. the neck.

To remove a Hickey using the compress and massage

To quickly remove a Hickey, it is recommended to RUB the affected place with your fingers or a soft toothbrush, wrapped with nylon. This massage should be done very carefully, with gentle movements, without any effort that does not start the reverse process – an increase in the hematoma.

Within half an hour of alternating hot and cold compress. This temperature contrast is effective immediately after the redness. During the day several times to do this procedure.

Other ways to remove a Hickey

The easiest way is to spread the Hickey with toothpaste and allow to completely dry. The result is a dried paste will fall off, the remnants should be gently washed with water. Ingredients toothpaste accelerate the healing process of bruises.

To quickly remove a Hickey will help lotions with the extract of aloe. This will require a alcohol and fresh leaves of the plant. The main thing here is the methodology and perseverance in wanting to get rid of traces of love.

Do not forget about cosmetics. To disguise the Hickey, you can use Foundation or lipstick. The man could just stick his fingers in place a passionate kiss and to write off all on bad shave. The collars stand-up or turtleneck will help to cover the neck from prying eyes.


Advice 5: How to remove scratches on the body

Small chips and scratchesthat can be found in the car, in General, do not threaten the body of the car, but bring a lot of feelings and spoil the appearance of the vehicle. Scratch the car can not only in accidents but also just in everyday life what is the most offensive. Deep and long scratches, just do not eliminate, needed surface preparation, polishing, painting. And scratch that only damaged the upper part of the body, not touching metal, can be easily and quickly removed.
How to remove scratches on the body
You will need
  • Brush, clean rag, solvent for paint; fine grinding paste.
Prepare the necessary tools: a brush, a clean rag, paint thinner and fine grinding paste. And please be patient, it will need to wait for dry damage repair layers.
With a cloth clean the repair area, from polishing, dirt, dust and other foreign substances that may interfere with the surface treatment. Take paint thinner and wipe the place of the scratches, then it's make and fine grinding paste.
Clean water wash the area that is subject to recovery. Thoroughly dry it with a building dryer or wait for the surface to dry herself.
Pick the appropriate paint to perfectly fit the color of the car body. Apply with a brush the paint on the scratch, and paint the area until until the paint fills the scratch and the area it will not be on the same level with the rest of the surface.
Wait until the paint dries - it will take a lot of time. After the surface is dry, carefully align the plot, which was a scratch. Use the special paste.
The final touch to the repair surface will become polished. Then you can apply a layer of varnish to give the gloss surface.

Advice 6: How to quickly remove a bruise on the face

Life is a continuous surprises. But not always pleasant. For example, light injury can leave a large bruise. If it appeared on the body, it is easy to hide under clothing. But on the face to disguise a bruise problematic. Can you sit at home a couple of days, and it is possible to correct the situation by effective means.
How to quickly remove a bruise on the face
You will need
  • -ice;
  • -salt;
  • -onions;
  • -cabbage;
  • tea;
  • -capsicum plaster;
  • -the leaves of burdock or mother and stepmother;
  • -iodine;
  • -potatoes.
When any injury first aid is cold. Immediately attach to the place of impact ice or frozen piece of meat. Leave it at the site of injury for 20 minutes. The cold constricts blood vessels and reduces bruisingand good pain relief and does not allow the bruise to spread. Use ice, pre-wrapped in a napkin or towel. So you can avoid the frostbite of the tissues. But this method is effective only directly after impact.
If the bruise has already formed, as evidenced by the characteristic purple color, then take table salt (1 tablespoon) and dissolve it in half a glass of water. Roll gauze or cotton cloth in several layers and soak it in saline solution. Then attach to the bruised places. Hold 15-10 minutes and repeat this procedure several times a day. Salt helps the bruise to disappear.
Prepare a compress of salt and onions. For this onion RUB on a small grater or chop in a blender. In the resulting mass add 1 tbsp of salt and mix thoroughly. The finished mixture is put in a gauze bag, and then attach to the sore spot. Use this compress three times a day, but every time I do a fresh mix.
Ordinary cabbage effectively and quickly will help in the fight with bruises on his face. Cabbage leaves blanch in boiling water for a few seconds. Dry it with a towel and apply to the bruise.
A day after the shot I hurt place a warm compress. This cloth wet in warm water and apply to the bruise. Thus aktiviziruyutsya blood circulation, and hematoma will resolve quickly.
Instead of water you can use a warm tea is still numb and injured from the impact place. Use the capsicum plaster for warming up of injury (but only if it is not under the eyes).
For a hematoma, apply iodine mesh. After some time parisvisite line if they disappear.
If the street is summer and you are outdoors, use natural remedies such as: burdock leaf, plantain, mother and stepmother. Before applying it to the body, rinse the sheet in water.
Apply to the bruise raw grated potatoes. It will also help the bruise disappear faster.

Advice 7: How to remove bruising under a nail

A bruise under the nail – a serious cosmetic defect that appears after injury of the nail plate. Without timely taken measures the bruise can not only ruin the manicure or pedicure for a few weeks, but also cause detachment of the nail itself.
How to remove bruising under a nail

There is a bruise under the nail

Nail hematoma is formed in the result of a severe blow or injury of the limb when there is a rupture of subcutaneous capillaries and blood vessels. The bruise under the toenails, usually occurs from hitting hard objects in the process of walking, occasional falling to his feet heavy things that pinched her toes by the door, long wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes. The presence of bruising indicates severe pain, posinenie and sometimes blackening of the nail.

What should I do to avoid nail hematoma

If you injure the nail plate, first place your finger under the strong jet of cold water. In the first minutes after impact can be applied to the bruised place of ice, wrapped in a thick cloth. The time of exposure to ice in such cases – about 4-5 minutes, then break (approximately 15 minutes), and again cold compresses until then, until you cease acute pain. These measures will help slow the blood flow, and will facilitate the natural resorption of hematomas.

Required action in cases of injury of the nail plate is the thorough disinfection of the bruised places. Moisten a piece of cotton sadowym solution and gently treat the nail and the skin next to it. If affected not only the nail, but and a hand, draw on the brush iodine grid.

Trauma nails on the toes, experts recommend to refrain from wearing any Shoe for 2-3 days, or you can wear a roomy Shoe, which allows blood to circulate normally in the extremities. Severe pain at the site of injury, be sure to consult a specialist, because along with the nail plate can be damaged bone.

How to remove bruising under a nail

To cope with a small hematoma is quite possible at home. To do this, carefully disinfect the nail with iodine or alcohol. Then treat with alcohol and a large sharp needle, and then calcined it over an open flame. Pierce the nail plate in the Central part of the bruise with a hot needle tip. From the resulting holes will drain out the accumulated blood. Carefully remove it with a cotton swab. Nail seal with medical tape. Conduct all manipulations only in cases where the bruise under the nail is less than half of its area. If the hematoma is extensive and painful, seek help in TRAVMPUNKT, where specialists will help to cope with the problem.
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