If the bruise is not gone the swelling, hold a cold compress. The longer you hold, the more powerful will be the following procedure. If the tumor is gone, use a cold useless.
After full descent of the swelling, use a hot compress. If you have the opportunity to put under the bruise is warmer, it's all great. If not, take regular table salt and warm it in a pan or in the microwave. Quickly pour in a wool sock and apply to the bruise. Keep 30-40 minutes until the salt starts to cool down.
If you are going to go another 6-8 hours, apply the iodine in the form of mesh. After a few hours, cover the site of application of iodine fat cream, so it will be absorbed much faster.
In pharmacies sell special cream different brands that are directed towards the removal of bruising. Can walk to nearest to your home pharmacy and buy a miracle cream. If you are shy and can't go outside, look at home hemorrhoid ointment or joint pain. They contain the same components. Apply a thin layer of ointment on a bruise every 2 hours, and by the evening it will not be over.
If the bruise is completely gone, apply it with Foundation or wear sunglasses, which are fashionable to wear not only in Sunny weather, but in rainy slippery fall.