You will need
  • - ice;
  • - raw potatoes;
  • solution concoctions;
  • special ointment ("Troxevasin", "Escin", "Indovazin", "Venitan").
Use the ice. It is noticed that applying cold directly to the injured area of the body is able to reduce the size of the hemorrhage. But it is important to apply cold as soon as possible, and be sure to wrap the ice in a few layers of fabric, otherwise the situation could significantly deteriorate as a result of cold injury. Thus it is necessary to remove the cold every 45-60 minutes, and again it can be applied in 10-15 minutes.
Make sure that the patient doesn't have severe internal injuries or fractures that is dangerous not only to the development of edema due to rupture of the blood, but severe disturbances of the General condition that require immediate medical assistance.
If the patient has no signs of internal injuries or fractures, it can be limited with a minor injury outpatient treatment, but the degradation may need to consult a surgeon or traumatologist. Usually the exact amount and severity of bruising may become apparent only a few hours after the injury, but measures must be taken immediately – this will reduce the time of treatment and the size of the hematoma.
Particularly noteworthy are the bruises that occur after minor injuries – this may indicate a vascular disease or pathology of the hemopoietic system. In this case, timely access to a doctor often depends on the diagnosis and treatment assignment.
In the absence of complications, use of improvised means. To reduce pain and swelling helps the grated raw potato, which cools the place the appearance of a possible hematoma, and the vitamins and minerals contained in the slurry have an influence on the vascular wall. You can also use the solution of the concoctions sold in every pharmacy.
Due to the rapid bruising and swelling at the site of injury, it may be advisable to lubricate from the point of impact ointments which structure includes extracts of horse chestnut flavonoids or ("Caffeine", "Escin", "Indovazin", "Venitan"). These ointments have anti-edematous action and reduce the time of blooming of a bruise on the skin. Different people require different time to reduce the size of the bruise and effective is the use of ointments and gels containing extract of medical leeches.