Advice 1: How to treat hematoma

Hematoma is accumulation of blood, fluid or coagulated, in injuries of tissues and organs. Most commonly, it occurs under the skin, the so-called bruise, and is characterized by pain, slight swelling, change of color of the skin at the site of injury. However, serious injuries occur and hematoma of internal organs, including the brain. They are very dangerous.
How to treat hematoma
You will need
  • - cold;
  • - compressive bandage;
  • - physiotherapy;
  • - drainage;
  • - puncture;
  • - surgical intervention.
Bruising, which usually manifests hematoma, cure is not difficult. Immediately after appearance apply to the place of their localization the cold, make a pressure bandage, take analgesics to relieve pain. A few days after the injury you can carry out physiotherapy. What – tell the attending physician that will tailor indications and contraindications.
If the hematoma is very large, it is possible to do a spinal tap to remove from the skin accumulated there blood. Then again, it is necessary to impose a pressure bandage. If there is bleeding, the doctor may decide to cut open the bruise and bandage a vessel from which flows blood, even to impose upon him a special seam. It's called "vascular". Also open suppurating hematoma to produce drainage. However, if serious complications no, it goes pretty fast.
If the intracerebral hematoma, traumatic (also called brain injury), it may increase after the injury for a few days, and sometimes does not develop immediately after the injury, and after some time. Hence the importance of timely diagnosis, continuous supervision of experts and proper therapy. The latter usually boils down to hyperventilation, ventricular drainage, and other measures for the normalization of intracranial pressure. If the situation worsens, surgical intervention.
Doctors distinguish two kinds of dangerous intracranial hematoma – subdural and epidural. In this case, blood accumulates either in the space between the membranes of the brain or between the inner surface of the skull and the outer layer of the shell. There is already the necessary emergency surgery to remove hematoma. After the intervention the patient is prescribed intensive therapy, closely monitor his intracranial pressure.

Advice 2: What is hematoma

Any damage to vessels caused by their traumatic change or injury, can lead to the formation of hematoma – blood tumor. Around a connective tissue sheath through which it is impossible to reverse the suction of blood streamed. Over time it dissipates. However, in some cases removal surgical intervention is required.
What is hematoma

Depending on the localization of the hematoma is subcutaneous, intramuscular, intracranial. As – clotted, infected and festering. Hematoma is formed not at once, because coming from a damaged vessel blood more time remains fluid, and then coagulates. In the surrounding tissue starts to develop a reaction to this process, i.e. there is a kind of inflammation, resulting in the formation of the shell around accumulated blood, preventing its reverse absorption. Thus, there is a blood tumor.

To determine subcutaneous or intramuscular hematoma is not difficult because of its telltale signs are the formation of a hematoma, or bruise, redness, if the affected deep tissue), swelling, pain, local temperature rise, and sometimes a limitation. Hematoma of the internal organs and brain to determine somewhat more complicated, since the symptomatology has significant differences. Most often it is manifested by signs of compression of nearby organs that send alarm signals through strong pain and ill health. Install it for sure is possible only with the help of ultrasound (internal organs) and computed tomography (hemorrhage in the meninges).

Intracranial hematoma can increase in size for several days after the injury, it turns out the so-called traumatic acute subdural hematoma, in which bleeding occurs between the membranes of the brain. In this case, it is able to threaten the victim's life, so often to resolve using emergency methods.

In the treatment of newly formed subcutaneous hematoma use cold, and the next day resolving local heat treatments and strengthening blood vessels with vitamins and pharmaceuticals. Intramuscular hematomas require more prolonged use of physiotherapy, and abdominal - medical monitoring and a completely different treatment given exclusively by the specialist.

Advice 3: How to treat cranial pressure

If you plagued by constant headaches, then perhaps the problem of increased intracranial pressure. How to normalize tell the doctor. And you can help treatment, recipes of traditional medicine.
How to treat cranial pressure
3 large lemon scroll through a meat grinder together with peel. Add 3 heads of garlic, also chopped. Put all in a jar with a capacity of 2 liters and pour 5-6 cups of water. Mix and place jar in a dark place for one day. Strain and store in the fridge. Every day, half an hour before meals and before sleep, drink a quarter Cup. The course of treatment is three weeks.
Purchase at the pharmacy fir oil. Only not essential. Explain to your pharmacist that you need oil for taking internally. Three times a day, take 10 drops on a piece of lump sugar.
20 pieces Laurel leaves brew a glass of boiling water and use for inhalation. Use for prevention, at a time when the headaches are absent. The procedure time of 2 minutes. Continue for 4 weeks.
Take a half-liter dark glass container. Pour into it half a Cup of tinctures purchased in the pharmacy: hawthorn, motherwort, Valerian and add 25 ml peppermint and eucalyptus and 10 columns of cloves. Mix well, close the tank and in two weeks put in a dark place. Every day shake the contents. Use 25 drops on a piece of lump sugar three times a day on an empty stomach.
50 ml of oil of camphor, mix with an equal quantity of alcohol. Massage it in the scalp and cover with a plastic bag. Leave the poultice on all night, wrapped his head on top of polyethylene with a handkerchief. In the morning wash the head. Spend 10 procedures.
In a quart jar gather up the heads of clover and pour the brim with alcohol. Steep with the lid closed in a dark place for 2 weeks. When the tincture is ready, take it 1 tablespoon and add half Cup of water. Drink 3-4 times per day before meals.
Young branches of mulberry chop into small pieces. Can be used as freshly cut and dry branches. Take 15 g of the branches and pour a liter of water. Put the saucepan on heat and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and on low heat continue to cook 20 minutes. Leave for 1 hour. Take a glass on an empty stomach 3 times a day.

Advice 4: How to treat brain ischemia

Ischemia is a disorder in which the brain fails to receive sufficient amount of blood with which the body circulates oxygen and various nutrients. This can be caused by various external and internal factors, but improper treatment can lead to disastrous results. Regardless of age and sex, ischemia of the brain requires immediate consultation of an experienced specialist, who may prescribe a set of procedures.
How to treat brain ischemia
Among all of the causes that can lead to ischemia of the brain brain, isolated arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis as two main factors. However, the cause of the disease can other problems: cardiovascular disease, venous disease, diabetes, etc.
Under the treatment of ischemia of the brain mean normalization of all processes in the body, the suspension rate of the destruction of the brain brain, the activation sanogenetic mechanisms and prevention of stroke.
If you have been diagnosed with ischemia of the brain" don't panic. This disease requires immediate hospitalization, if it was not complicated by stroke or any severe pathology. On the contrary, stay in a familiar situation.
Today, there are numerous ways of treatment of cerebral ischemia of the brain. For maximum effect, combine several procedures into a single complex.
Visit your doctor and start medical treatment. With the help of prescription medications for the cardiovascular system you will be able to normalize the cerebral perfusion of the brain. The result should improve cerebral blood flow, which is responsible for the implementation of neuroprotective functions.
Follow a strict diet, limiting themselves to in animal fats. When you add this to your "diet" lipid-lowering agent (atorvastatin). This will reduce the viscosity of blood, improve endothelial function. Daily take prescription antihypertensive drugs that will help protect internal organs from damage. The list includes heart, kidneys and the brain itself.
If it came to chronic ischemia of the brain, contact your surgeon. Quite possibly, you'll need surgery. In this case, the internal carotid arteries will be carried out reconstructive surgery.
Try to keep an eye on their health, because only timely treatment will stop the progression of cerebral ischemia of the brain.
The anamnesis of cerebral ischemia needs to establish the sequence of development of symptoms and their duration. The sudden appearance of signs of focal lesions without the disturbance of consciousness is characteristic of ischemic disorders of cerebral circulation, although it can occur in intracranial hemorrhage, tumor, or migraine.
Useful advice
Ischemic disease of the brain is a response of the organism to the local oxygen starvation caused by insufficient blood supply to brain tissue. Violation of blood flow occurs, usually due to narrowing of the lumen of cerebral arteries or complete blockage (i.e., thrombosis). Quite a serious problem in the field of child neurology is and cerebral ischemia in newborns.

Advice 5: How to treat a concussion

A concussion occurs as a result of injuries, sudden movements, slowdowns or accelerations when falling or road traffic accidents, sports, fights or violence. Victims with TBI are to be transported to a medical facility, even if the injury does not seem severe. To confirm the diagnosis, making x-rays of the skull bones, and in the presence of the equipment – a CT scan of the brain.
How to treat a concussion
You will need
  • - bed rest;
  • - "Cinnarizine", "Nicotinate", "Instenon", "Xantina", "Sermion", "Pantogram", "Piracetam", "Piriditol";
  • - amino acids;
  • - vitamins and biostimulants;
  • courses massage;
  • - physiotherapy;
  • - herbal medicine;
  • - homeopathy;
  • - the flowers of Arnica;
  • - Melissa officinalis;
  • - St. John's wort.
Treating mild cerebral concussion the first 7 days is carried out in the Department of neurosurgery. Prescribe bed rest for 5 days, which in favorable cases recovery is gradually expanding. In the absence of complications on the seventh day discharged from the hospital to outpatient treatment up to 14 days.
The leading place in the treatment of concussion of the brain plays a medication therapy aimed at normalization of the functional state of the brain, improving metabolism, relieve dizziness and headache, insomnia and anxiety. Treatment is complex.
Used drugs that improve cerebral blood flow, such as – "Cinnarizine", "Nicotinate", "Instenon", "Xantina". To enhance the metabolism of the brain – "Sermion", "Pantogram", "Piracetam", "Piriditol". In addition, essential amino acids, vitamins and biostimulants – "Cerebrolysin", "Livesin", "Methionine", ascorbic, folic acid and vitamins A and E, and also the vitreous body and aloe extract. Medicines administered in combination, repeated courses, based on the patient's condition.
It is possible to use complementary therapies – massage, physiotherapy, phytotherapy, homeopathy.
In the complex with medicamentous treatment it is recommended that long-term use of preparations of medicinal plants with analgesic, sedative, anti-inflammatory and reparative action. These include the roots of devil's high, Eleutherococcus, Rhodiola, ginseng, leuzea, Potentilla, cumin, ginger root, blueberries, series, St. John's wort, etc.
Effectively restores the function of the brain, the acceptance of herbal drugs according to the following scheme: 3 weeks, take one infusion, after a week break – next, for three weeks, etc. 1 tablespoon of Arnica blossom, pour 0.2 l of boiling water. Insisting in a warm place for 30 minutes, strain. Take 3 tablespoons of infusion with honey 4-5 times a day.
4 tablespoons of lemon balm, pour a liter of boiling water and insist 2 hours. Strain, take as tea, add honey.
2 tablespoons St. John's wort pour a glass of boiling water and cook in a water bath to reduce the volume in 2 times. Take 15 ml 3 times a day an hour after eating.
During treatment categorically banned all soft drinks and condiments – hot sauce, hot and spicy sauces, strong tea and coffee, Cola, chocolate, cocoa, etc.
Useful advice
Very useful walnuts. Take 5-6 pieces every day, be sure to cut the core before you eat. And daily eat 30 grams of blueberries, apples and Apple juice, bananas, citrus, onions.

Advice 6: How to treat retrochorial hematoma

Do not panic, if in the early stages of pregnancy, the doctor after an ultrasound was diagnosed with retrochorial hematoma. This phenomenon occurs in a large number of expectant mothers and, as a rule, treated.
How to treat retrochorial hematoma

The main symptoms of the disease

The formation of retrochorial hematoma in the period when the chorionic naturally rejects the fertilized egg. At this stage some women may experience the appearance of small cavities, which gradually filled with clotted blood. This cavity is called retrochorial hematoma. Currently, doctors are unable definitely to determine the exact cause of its formation.

The main feature of retrochorial hematoma – a brownish discharge. They may be accompanied by unbearable pulling pains. These sensations really concerned about a pregnant woman. While doctors note that such allocation at statement of the diagnosis of the disease – a good sign. This means that the hematoma resolves.

Principles of treatment

The main task of the physician is to prevent increase in size of the formed education. To prevent this growth of the hematoma, the patient usually prescribe medications that improve blood clotting. Often talking about such things as "did" or "menadione" - at the same time safe and effective drugs for the unborn child. It should be noted that these should be taken only as directed by your doctor. This provision in no case be self-medicate.

In addition, the physician in the treatment process retrochorial hematoma can assign pregnant women additional intake of vitamin E (in large doses). This vitamin has a positive effect on key processes in the production of hormones and promote normal pregnancy.

It should be noted that the development of retrochorial hematoma is able to raise the tone of the uterus. In these cases, the treatment of these pathologies involves the use of special antispasmodic drugs – for example, burden-PA. This drug relaxes the smooth muscle of the uterus and is absolutely harmless. With the same purpose, a pregnant woman can appoint the tincture of Valerian or Magne-B6.

The process of retrochorial hematoma treatment also includes the use of such medications for the mother, as ascorutin and folic acid.

The medication must be administered under the strict supervision of the attending physician, which individually assigns the method of application and dosage of one or the other drug drug.

Advice 7: In any spas treat female infertility

Recently increased the number of women suffering from infertility. Doctors for this problem, recommend a Spa treatment. Comprehensive program and highly trained professionals can positively influence the treatment of infertility.
Sanatorium "30 years of Victory"

Sanatorium "30 let Pobedy"

In the Stavropol region, Zheleznovodsk is situated the sanatorium-resort "30 years of Victory". This green area, some even call "Little Switzerland". For the treatment of female infertility center offers balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, mud therapy, therapy, sea baths, hardware physiotherapy and massage.

To order tickets to the sanatorium should call by phone: 8 (8793) 31 30 90 or send e-mail zakaz@санаторий-30-лет-победы-железноводск.рф.

Sanatorium "Russia"

Infertility treatment should be carried out not only women, but to make the diagnosis and in men. A positive outcome of therapy can be obtained if the resort will come both spouses.
In the distant Altai region, Belokurikha, there is a good sanatorium "Russia", which favorably solves the problems of reproductive health in women. It employs highly qualified specialists, there is a base with modern physiotherapy and balneology.

For infertility treatment the health resort uses radonotherapy and nitric-siliceous baths, gynecological irrigation, laser therapy, mud tampons, and the application of the mud, electrolysermarket therapy, pelvic massage, microclysters, ozone therapy. To order vouchers please call the sales office at number 8 (38577) 37 777. Official site of the sanatorium — email address —

Sanatorium "Yurmino"

Unique clean air and the surrounding nature are also medicinal source for the treatment of the disease.
Who wants to improve their health and at the same time to relax by the sea there is an option to go to a sanatorium Yurmino, which is located in the Crimean city of Saki, on the shore of the Black sea. Here effectively treat female infertility, which arose due to chronic and inflammatory diseases of the uterus, the appendages, fallopian tubes and vagina. Therapy is based on the famous miraculous "Saka" of dirt. Advice about vouchers, payment and treatment can be obtained by phone +38 095 602 97 12.

"Lake Karachi"

The health resort "Lake Karachi" is located in Novosibirsk region, 240 km from Omsk and in 420 km from the regional center of Novosibirsk. Here they successfully treat female infertility using procedures such as mineral water, mud therapy, the introduction of mud tampons, the internal irrigation of healing mineral water, massage, therapeutic showers, acupuncture, climatotherapy, diet therapy, therapeutic brine, air, medicines and bubble baths. To book the camp by the numbers 8 (383) 266 01 15 and 8 (383) 67 41 644.

His treatment of female infertility offer the sanatorium "Arctic" in Sochi, Romashkino in Almetyevsk, "Victoria" in the Stavropol region, registered in the Nizhny Novgorod region and others. Many patients are taking in the direction of the place and are treated free of charge. For more information should contact the antenatal clinic at the place of residence or to your doctor.

Advice 8: How much time is necessary to treat cystitis

Inflammation of the bladder acute cystitis develops. This disease is infectious in nature, more common in women because of their physiology.
How much time is necessary to treat cystitis

The reasons for the development of the disease

Pathogens of acute cystitis can be staphylococci, streptococci, gonococci, Escherichia coli, Mycoplasma. In these cases, the infection reaches the bladder via the urinary tract. The reason may be the failure to comply with hygiene standards, hypothermia, infections, sexually transmitted.

Women are more likely to suffer acute cystitis, risk of fall, mainly pregnant women, because at that time a reduced natural immunity, and the stagnation of urine in the bladder increases. Acute cystitis must be treated, because the infection can rise above and cover the kidneys. In this case, they will be unable to perform its function of cleaning the blood of toxins, which can lead to serious consequences for the organism.

The symptoms of cystitis

The disease begins suddenly, with discomfort, itching, burning, and sharp pain during urination, which fails in the rest. Urination becomes frequent, the urges are amplified, while there is a feeling of fullness of the bladder. The body temperature usually remains within normal limits, and sometimes may increase to 38-38,5 s. If this happens, you can say that the infection has spread to the ureters.

For further diagnosis you need to pass urine for laboratory analysis. Cystitis in the urine detected leukocytes in large numbers, when attached to kidney infection, the red blood cells and protein. If you want to hold a urine culture to determine the causative agent and its sensitivity to antibiotics, as well as ultrasound and cystoscopy to determine the internal state of the walls of the bladder, type of damage, the presence of foreign objects (if the cause was mechanical failure).

How to treat this disease?

Drug treatment of cystitis should be comprehensive. To relieve inflammation prescribe medication-uroseptics, antibiotics, antispasmodics. In the treatment an important role is played by diet and bed rest. You can not eat salty, fried, spicy food so as not to increase the irritation of the bladder wall and urinary tract, as well as to reduce the load on the kidneys.

Very effective treatment of dry heat. For this purpose, heating pads, baths. You can practice warm sitz baths with decoctions of herbs: chamomile, calendula. Depending on the severity of the disease, the doctor may prescribe physiotherapy, as well as irrigation of the bladder. This procedure is quite complex, so is only possible in a hospital environment, makes it specially trained medical staff.

A good therapeutic effect have herbal teas that you should drink as tea. You can use a sheet of bearberry, birch, celandine, parsley, mint, horsetail, chamomile flowers, calendula, licorice root.

Treatment of acute cystitis should be continued for 10-14 days after the complete disappearance of symptoms to avoid relapse and transition of the disease into the chronic stage.

Prevention of acute cystitis

To prevent the development of cystitis, you need to follow the rules of personal hygiene, and promptly treat infections in the body. It is crucial to empty the bladder to avoid constipation. It is advisable to drink more green tea, fruit drinks cranberry and cranberry and to include in the diet more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Advice 9: What herbs cure alcoholism

Treatment of alcoholism with herbs is an efficient method, which requires duration of at least six months. Applied of herbs that cause aversion to alcohol, but also other plants that have a healing effect on the exhausted body of an alcoholic: thyme, centaury, wormwood, St. John's wort, meadowsweet, nettle, ginseng.
What herbs cure alcoholism
Attitude to herbal medicine many people are not serious, nevertheless well-composed herbal able to withstand even such a terrible disease as alcoholism. But we must act wisely, not to hurt the already undermined the health of the alcoholic.

On the one hand, grass so good that they can give an alcoholic gradually. But on the other, we need to understand that there is no such herb in nature, having drunk which once drunk would become a staunch teetotaler. Treatment efficiently when there is a desire to get rid of the disease. This rule is the same for all diseases.

What herbs based alcoholism treatment

Yes, indeed there are herbs that are added to alcoholic drinks secretly to cause an aversion to them. But this tactic by itself is not a treatment. Just after another bout of nausea and vomiting, alcoholic, you may think about the fact that more can not continue. And then followed a deliberate long-term treatment.

To cause a conditional gag reflex used tincture of herbs: plaun-Baranets , European ungulates and puppeteer Caucasian. Their use requires special care, just a few drops, because the herb is toxic. Another disadvantage of this method is that you can only add home and enjoy people can be anywhere. One or two times to produce reflex a little, and exhausted from the abuse of alcohol the body can be seriously affected by intoxication or uncontrollable vomiting, which is called barometz and wild ginger.

Alcoholism treatment is a complex process, because the patient frequently have severe liver, heart, autonomic nervous system. You need not just to temporarily cause an aversion to alcohol, but also to treat damaged organs. Abstinence from alcohol can cause depression, pressure surges, sleep disturbance and appetite. So, in the anti-alcohol herbal should certainly include herbs to reduce these symptoms.

Effective herbs for the treatment of alcoholism

All these herbs will not harm in optimum quantities in the part of the pharmacy collection. On the contrary, they are beneficial to the heart, the liver, the gallbladder. Their action is comparable with the action of adrenaline. But most often for the treatment of alcoholism use herbs:
- reduce cravings for alcohol and has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect: thyme, leuzea, St. John's wort;
- activates the activity of the digestive tract, strengthen immunity and increase appetite: wormwood, centaury,
- relating to natural adaptogens that can bring depression: ginseng, Siberian ginseng, radiogram pink;
- with sedative effect motherwort, Marin root, Melissa, and many others;
- rejuvenating the liver and gall bladder: milk Thistle, lupine, mugwort, calendula, centaury;
- effective in patients with lesions of the peripheral nervous system (numbness or tingling in the extremities): nettle, dandelion, loosestrife, wormwood.

No wonder wormwood and centaury in this list are actively involved, because herbs have many properties. So, meadowsweet, joining the anti-alcohol collection can output from the liver toxins, enhance the digestive tract and to exert calming and restorative.

The most common collection from alcoholism includes thyme (200 g), wormwood (50 g), centaury (100 g). One tablespoon collection pour a glass of boiling water and infused for 15 minutes. To drink means you need 3 times a day before meals. But not all herbs are consumed that way. Collection of meadowsweet, Siberian ginseng, dandelion, rosemary is drunk twice a day after meals, and soothing herbs is just before bedtime. Depending on the condition of the patient and the degree of dependence, treatment may last six months or more. After a course of herbal medicine is recommended to continue the use of herbs, adding them to a traditional tea drink.

Advice 10: How to treat a hematoma on the head of the newborn

Sometimes during childbirth can occur injury to the head of the newborn baby. Birth injuries are not uncommon, and among them, the most common case is the birth of a child with a hematoma, despite the natural shock absorbers (the spring) and the elasticity of the skull.
How to treat a hematoma on the head of the newborn
Hematoma in a newborn baby is the result of effusion of blood into the tissue cavity into which it is accumulation and the adoption of a more dense form. One of the reasons for the formation of a hematoma in the newborn can be load, which falls on the child, when it passes through the birth canal. The reasons can be: lymph stagnation which occurs in the tissues of the newborn, the difference in fetal and external pressure can lead to hematoma. The baby can burst capillaries or blood vessels, resulting in hemorrhage occur in the subcutaneous tissues and appear hematoma. The birth of a baby prematurely can be another cause.
The most common type of hematoma in infants is cephalohematoma (appearance of swelling on the head), this type of hematoma is a result of hemorrhage between the flat bones of the skull and the periosteum. The color of the skin over the tumor remains the same, but the skin become visible petechial hemorrhages.
Hematoma in the newborn is a normal phenomenon, parents do not have a serious cause for concern. Within 7 - 10 days it should go away on its own. If not, you need to consult a specialist, who with the help of puncture aspirates the child blood and the syringe removes the liquid. This procedure is not dangerous, but is extremely necessary, as otherwise, the hematoma will begin the formation of pus (which will eventually turn into a cyst), with the result that the heads of newborn babies deformed. If there is a suspicion on the abscess will need surgical intervention.
Medication treatment of hematoma of the newborn are appointed by the steroids which are aimed at the suspension of the growth of blood vessels that make up the hematoma. They need to take from several weeks to several months, the length of treatment is determined individually by the attending physician. As side effects from steroids the child can be a change of appetite, swelling, mood swings, decrease in growth rate and the occurrence of stomatitis. Sometimes a child may be prescribed vitamin K "calcium Gluconate", which help to strengthen blood vessels. Using these drugs increases blood clotting and decreases the bleeding.
The surgical method of treatment of a hematoma may be used a laser or scalpel. Using the laser destroys the growing blood vessels that are components of the hematoma, leading to blockage of its growth. When using a scalpel, a hematoma can be completely removed.

Advice 11: How to treat a hematoma on the face

Hematoma is an accumulation of blood under the skin. It occurs as a result of soft tissue injuries (bruises, strokes), during which occurs the rupture of blood vessels. Sometimes the cause of their formation are injuries and fractures.
How to treat a hematoma on the face
Treatment of small hematomas usually is conservative. First, as soon as possible apply to the affected area cold object. Take a piece of ice from the freezer and wrap it with a clean dry cloth. Hold 30 minutes, and about half an hour later again attach to the hematoma. This procedure contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels. Under the skin gets less blood, which helps to prevent the appearance of hematomas larger sizes.
After cold, use warm soaks. Apply a hot water bottle to the bruised spot and hold it no more than 20 minutes. Such manipulations run three times a day. Heat expands the capillaries and blood goes faster from the injury. However, remember that immediately after impact the heater can not be used. Otherwise, you can only increase the size of the damage.
One of the best folk remedies for the treatment of bruising is the pain. Mix 2 tbsp of powder in 1 tablespoon of water and apply the resulting paste on the affected area. It operates when the water begins to evaporate, and the pain becomes quite dry.
To remove bruises on the face help cream that contains vitamin K. Under its influence the blood accumulated under the skin, is absorbed, and the bruise gradually fades. Immediately after injury apply cream on the damaged area, and then repeat the procedure twice a day.
If a hematoma on the face big and difficult to resolve, the surgeon makes the puncture with the recovery and removal of blood. Then into the cavity of antibiotics are. In cases of resumption of bleeding shows the opening of the hematoma. After that, the bleeding vessel ligated or impose on him the vascular suture.
Sometimes during the period of resorption of the hematoma, the body temperature rises and I can feel a General malaise. Often in inflammation associated infection. Often it can cause bad teeth. Suppuration of hematoma accompanied by high rise of temperature and signs of an abscess. In this case, carried cut, delete the contents and treatment of open wounds.
Useful advice
To treat bruising seek help from a specialist. Late assisted can lead to possible complications. Bruises on the face, where there is a lot of blood vessels, can reach large sizes and to move gradually on the neck, chest or back. The skin visible bruises, swelling and bruising. Hematomas can also impair the function of organs: mobility of the mandible, tongue, and head.
Is the advice useful?