Once you hit, immediately attach to the place a cold compress. Wrap ice in a cloth or simply soak a soft towel in ice water and apply to the prospective place of a bruisebut that does not always appear instantly. Try to hold a cold compress longer. If you use the water as soon as the towel starts to get warm, rinse it in ice water and re-apply to the injury.
If you notice the appearance of a bruisebut not immediately, and he already had taken clear shape, and the swelling around it subsided, begin to apply heat. On the hand, leg or other large area place a yellow card on 15 minutes. Suitable molten salt or sand. Wrap in woolen cloth that is at hand and apply to the bruise.
A few hours before bedtime take a hot mesh. Take regular iodine and soak in it a cotton swab, which draw a small pattern on the bruiseAfter absorption of iodine spread a thin layer of a regular nourishing cream. This will contribute to the rapid disappearance of the excess iodine from the skin.
If you have any ointment of joint pain, apply a small amount of it on the hematoma. In these creams contain active ingredients that relieve puffiness tissue, resolves bruisingand have anti-inflammatory properties. After the first application you will notice that the bruise is almost gone.
Well promotes the resorption of hematomas regular toothpaste containing menthol. Apply a little paste on the bruise and in 7-10 minutes, rinse with warm water. Can hold and a little longer, but the paste can cause burns of the skin on delicate areas of the body do not increase the time of exposure.