How many days should pass to the bruise disappeared?

Depending on the location, sensitivity of the skin and the force of the impact bruising during the different time. Trunk bruising disappears in two weeks, with – in a week, and bruises on his legs can hold out for up to a month. So don't worry too much because of the bruises on the legs if they are held for several weeks.

Proven traditional means of combating this scourge – the real stuff. Mix two parts of powder in water or your preferred vegetable oil and RUB into the bruise. Repeat this procedure every day.
If you have a bruise on the face, use anesthetic to clean the discomfort or pain. Not necessary for this purpose to use aspirin, which reduces clotting of blood. Be sure to follow the instructions.

Along with concoctions for the treatment of bruises, use the honey. A solution of iodine (5%) is applied in place of the traditional black mesh, leave for the night. During this time, iodine is good warms the place of injury, the mesh virtually disappears, and the bruise fades considerably.

Herbal infusions of parsley, calendula and radish helps remove bruises. You can use essential oils. Fresh bruises easiest to remove with the help of lavender oil, and the old, who had managed to turn yellow, well kept, oil of rosemary.

What to do right?

In any case it is not necessary to start bruising. The sooner you start treatment, the faster you fully get rid of. This is especially true of unpleasant markings on the face around the eyes. Within hours after injury the bruise apply ice, wrapped in cloth, or a regular spoon. Should not apply ice directly to the bare body, not to earn in addition to the bruise frostbite. If no ice, put a bruise under running water. The next day you need to devote thermal procedures in the area of the bruise, as they will help to reduce the hematoma (the cold helps to stop the excess blood flow). After the visible swelling will come down, apply to the bruise a heating pad or a bag of warm salt and sand.
If possible, after injury, keep the injured body part as high as possible. This will reduce the blood flow and will reduce the future hematoma.

If you have very long held, the bruises, the reason may be lack of sleep. A heightened anabolic state during sleep allows the human body to repair muscle and the immune system, that is, to heal injury, restore tissue much faster than in the waking state. So if you have a chronic lack of sleep, it can lead to long healing wounds and injuries, General weakness and muscle fatigue.