Do a Barber in a specialized College or school. So you will get the opportunity to learn this business for free (if you get a budget place). In these schools you will have to unlearn from 2 to 4 years, depending on after which class will you do (9th or 11th).
A good alternative to vocational education can be considered as special courses for hairdressing. Their duration can be very different (from 3 to 11 months), it all depends on the Agency, which you proceed to study. Option to take courses will suit you if you study at school, University or already working. The schedule of these courses usually adapts to the students.
If you want getting a Barber shop a specialty to combine with a higher education, find a University that has such a faculty. For example, the profession you can study at Penza state technological University, or the Institute of international law, Economics, Humanities and management named after K. V. Rossinsky. For admission are usually required to pass exams in Russian language and history.
Because the profession of hairdresser is quite extensive and includes a variety of areas, ranging from weaving dreadlocks and pigtails, to trendy haircuts and color, attention should be focused on regular training and skills enhancement.
Initially, every student receives a basic level of knowledge of hairdressing. He is taught the basic techniques of men's, children's and women's haircuts, hair coloring and highlighting of hair, are taught the skills of weaving and the basics of stylistics. After completing the first stages of your training, the Barber can continue to evolve in a separate sphere.