You will need
  • phone
  • - contact the service organization
  • - the complaint in writing
Call in dispatching service of the service organization. According to the Decision of Gosstroy dated 27.09.2003, №170 "On approval of the Rules and norms of technical operation of housing", the management company (partnership of housing owners, housing cooperative etc.) must eliminate defects in the operation of the lift within days after treatment. In the mentioned decree also spelled out, if damage has occurred in the evening, at night or on a weekend, you should call the emergency service of the city.
Refer to the instruction supports the organization. If after the call to the dispatcher service of the required response and the problem with the Elevator remained unresolved, you should contact the operator directly with a written complaint. The decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 491 dated 13.08.2006 year provided that the lift is part of the General property of an apartment house, for which the management company should implement appropriate supervision. The duties of the public utilities also includes maintenance of the common property clean and carry out the necessary repairs.
Find out the management company the real causes of the failures of the lift. If the lift system in your home not working for a long time, you may require expensive expertise or even a complete replacement of Elevator equipment, and it is not the responsibility of those involved in communal issues. However, the representatives of the organization must give you a full explanation and a solution to the problem.
Please contact the Office of Rostekhnadzor. This action should be taken if a written request of a Servicer, has not yielded results. Another reason to go to the higher authorities was the refusal of the management company to take your complaint. In these cases, lawyers are advised to write the application in Prosecutor's office.