Stuck in the Elevator , do not panic. Call for help. The surest way is to click the link button Manager. Report the situation and follow the instructions. If the button doesn't work or nobody answers, it will attract the attention of tenants with loud cries and calls for help. But to call relatives out of the Elevator problematic. Cell phones in elevators, as a rule, no catches.
Said about their situation – make yourself as comfortable as possible and wait. Sit on the floor, even if it is dirty. The convenient position of being able to soothe and help relaxation. And the clothes and you can wash it. The lifters come relatively quickly, within a few hours. Pop-up in memory of a newspaper article about the people sitting in the four walls between floors a day, the exception rather than the rule.
In any case, do not try to get out. Despite the fact that it can be done by opening internal and external doors. The inner door opened easily. External is a bit trickier. Must be folded locks-rollers located at the top. And yet the risk is too great. First, due to a malfunction of the lift can come in motion and cause injury. Secondly, it is likely to fall into the mine. Don't try to escape on their own, even if the Elevator got stuck near the floor.
Can't change the situation - change your attitude to it. If you have Internet, a laptop, a tablet is already good. Book – when you still find time to read? Nothing – so it was fate that sent you the chance to think about life situations in a peaceful location. And if you are in the Elevator not alone – meet the companion in misfortune. And time will pass away and new friends appear. After all, the passenger in the Elevator can be anyone – from the Director of dairy to your future wife. And maybe that's it, a turning point in your personal life or career.