Advice 1: How to open stuck Elevator

Getting trapped in a bad dream and residents of multi-storey houses. Stories about how someone spent the day, night, met the New year, met his future wife, passed from mouth to mouth. And anecdotes on this subject we know a lot. But what if an ordinary working day, it is you, not George Clooney, were the victim of a confined space? Well, now you will have your own story on this popular theme, which you can flash at any moment.
How to open stuck Elevator
Stuck in the Elevator , do not panic. Call for help. The surest way is to click the link button Manager. Report the situation and follow the instructions. If the button doesn't work or nobody answers, it will attract the attention of tenants with loud cries and calls for help. But to call relatives out of the Elevator problematic. Cell phones in elevators, as a rule, no catches.
Said about their situation – make yourself as comfortable as possible and wait. Sit on the floor, even if it is dirty. The convenient position of being able to soothe and help relaxation. And the clothes and you can wash it. The lifters come relatively quickly, within a few hours. Pop-up in memory of a newspaper article about the people sitting in the four walls between floors a day, the exception rather than the rule.
In any case, do not try to get out. Despite the fact that it can be done by opening internal and external doors. The inner door opened easily. External is a bit trickier. Must be folded locks-rollers located at the top. And yet the risk is too great. First, due to a malfunction of the lift can come in motion and cause injury. Secondly, it is likely to fall into the mine. Don't try to escape on their own, even if the Elevator got stuck near the floor.
Can't change the situation - change your attitude to it. If you have Internet, a laptop, a tablet is already good. Book – when you still find time to read? Nothing – so it was fate that sent you the chance to think about life situations in a peaceful location. And if you are in the Elevator not alone – meet the companion in misfortune. And time will pass away and new friends appear. After all, the passenger in the Elevator can be anyone – from the Director of dairy to your future wife. And maybe that's it, a turning point in your personal life or career.
One of the main fears stuck - the fall of an Elevator from a height. This will not happen. The lift is designed in such a way that when it falls with a certain speed will trigger the spacers. The Elevator stops.

Advice 2: How to change lift

Elevators - a familiar and convenient way to get the residents and guests of the apartment blocks to the desired height. But today the residents are faced with many problems in the operation of the device, and the main of them – the replacement of obsolete. In October 2010, adopted a new Technical regulation on safety of lifts on which the device lifespan is 25 years.
How to change lift
According to the rules of the technical staff is obliged to check the condition of the lift once in two months. In addition, the design of the Elevator is designed so that it has multiple protection from arbitrary fall. But that is little consolation for those who live on the 8th floor or higher, and can not use the Elevator because of his failure.
One way out – Elevator replacement. Modern lifts have enhanced comfort, generate little noise, energy saving. Disadvantage - high cost, from 2.5 to 3.5 million. And as for the new Housing legislation of the Russian Federation (CH. 6 V. 9) "...proprietors of premises in an apartment house bear burden of expenses on the maintenance of the General property in an apartment house" and the Elevator and is thus common property, then all costs of replacement will be borne by the tenants in proportion to the occupied area.
And if the Elevator came in complete disrepair, the decision to replace the lift should be taken at the General meeting of owners of premises. And to attend the meeting should as many people as possible, because voting is to take place. While 23 voted "for" the replacement of the lift, the decision will be considered as positive. All absentee owners are automatically added to the votes "for".
Further, with the written decision of the meeting, please contact your management company or ZHEU. They will cause representatives of the elevators that serves your home. Representatives will hold inspection and examination, will report its decision to the city administration, which will also check the condition of your Elevator.
If your lift is recognized unsafe for operation, the house will be included in the programme for the replacement of elevators in your city, which involves a partial co-financing of the purchase and replacement of the Elevator. In another case, homeowners can have the required amount (purchase price and installation, you will inform the representatives of Elevator service) and to enter into a contract for the replacement of the Elevator with personnel on their own.

Advice 3: Secret becomes clear: as the mistress of the head betrays its position

The novel head and a pretty sub - banal case. Someone can't resist the charismatic boss, and someone attracted to a possible career. If you don't want to fall into the trap of being the mistress of the head, or want to catch in a non-professional relationship to his colleague, watch for typical signs.
Secret becomes clear: as the mistress of the head betrays its position

Secret negotiations at the principal's office

If one of the employees is often lost in the Director's office, it is possible that the door in question is not about the company's plans and about the next romantic date. The mistress of the Director usually comes to his office several times a day for quite minor reasons: to clarify the job once again to remind you about the holiday, to complain to the cleaning lady. And very often head out to your favorite co-worker, casually inviting her to come in after parade. In most cases, the head behaves severely stressed in relation to the mistress in order not to draw unnecessary suspicion.
Only 30% of women recognized that a novel with the head of their inspired passion. The rest are resolved to the relationship because of the desire for career growth.

The behavior and look - that's what gives

The mistress of the head is usually more casually than the rest of the staff. And if a man tries to stay more reserved, it's even more inflames a woman. She can make ambiguous allusions to the Director, even when all the other employees, he mysteriously smile and openly flirt. For women, it is important the recognition of its status, so secret relationship of her jar, even if she tries to cope with it. The mistress of the head always proud of his position so often makes hints about his relationship with the chief. However, when a direct question she would prefer to remain silent or mysterious smile.
If a woman tells all about the relationship with the boss, it's unlikely she's telling the truth. Most often, the mistress prefers not to give his position.

Appearance of the mistress of the chief

Passion Director often starts to get dressed. She uses a more sexy image and makeup bright colors eye, lip, fluttering her hair. It can be noticed, if a company has a strict dress code. Usually the Director is more loyal to the appearance of his mistress and allows her more free style than others. Often the mistress of the head preening before you enter the office to the chief, paints her lips and adjusts her hair.

Joint visits - reason for suspicion

Joint business trip of the chief and his Secretary or one of the essential employees is common. However, if they are too frequent, this is something to ponder. A change of scenery and a new place where nobody knows anybody, is a great hideaway for lovers. The Director and his missus usually go to business trip in other city or country. But long business trips around town can cause suspicion. Also one of the symptoms - often joint leaving work, when the boss invites his subordinates to take her home or spend.
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