Complain to the police helpline. Please contact the reception of the Public Council at the police Department, pre-register by phone.
If you have problems in the store, café, gas stations and other companies, contact the Federal service. You can apply in person or write a letter (paper or electronic) as well as to communicate in voice mode on the phone.
When the long-awaited aid from the housing, the housing office and the HOA is still not received, the first step should be a call Manager for receiving requests. But, if there actions were not fully implemented, make a letter that will state the problem and demand its elimination, within the established deadlines. If this does not work, you need to contact the Department of housing.
When there are problems with public transport, the problem can be summarized to the driver personally, and then call the telephone hotline of the Department of transportation and communications or the traffic police.
If there are any complaints with healthcare professionals remember that over the doctor is the doctor, and above it – the Department of health. If it does not help in solving problems, contact the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health.
The IRS is subject to the Federal tax service, which must accept the appeal, write an appeal.
Insurers, if not to resort to going to court, must answer to the Federal insurance supervision service, find service information possible in reference books or via the Internet.