When the light is turned off only in your apartment or private home first try to find out why, as the technical service in such cases, provide assistance immediately. Typically, the light switches off when you hit the tube, such as burnout of the light bulb or emergency shutdown of any device. If you know where there is a panel with light switches, you can try to turn on electricity yourself. However, if there is any doubt or obvious faults in the wiring, please contact the professionals to help.
If the light is missing in the entire apartment building, call the management company (MC) or homeowners Association (HOA) responsible for its maintenance. Phone numbers are usually listed on the company website and on the monthly receipts for payment of housing. If you moved into an apartment recently, contact your neighbors and find out the necessary information.
Often the light will turn off in the whole neighborhood, region or locality. Cause short interruptions can be transfer electricity to another feeding center while performing maintenance. Also, in some cases the electricity is turned off during scheduled repair of electrical equipment or power lines to improve reliability of power supply in your area. In this situation you can call in dispatching service of the network organization in your area or city. The phone organization you can find on the Internet, and by contacting the management company.
Try to dial a short number 01 or 112 if I can't get through to technical service. You will be answered by Manager MOE. Describe the situation and find out its cause. When a disaster occurs in the city this information is passed to the MOE, and you can tell when the power will be given again.