Traditionally the start: writing your name, surname, patronymic, home address. Write one complaint. As a rule, write it in the name of the head of the housing Department.
Necessarily indicate, a privatized or municipal housing. Keep in mind that work inside the privatized housing are performed at the expense of the owner of the property. But the impulses in the entrance or in the basement housing Department should resolve without any charge to tenant.
Note that you do not have debts for utility payments.
Reflect in the complaint,when was the last time repairs of the management campaign.
If you require, for example, to carry out repairs in the stairwell, be sure to gather signatures of residents. Specify in the complaint, if this is not the first request.
Be aware that in apartment buildings, provided the position of janitor of the entrance. Therefore require regular cleaning in it. The bulbs also have to change the staff of the housing Department.
If you have a tech a long time pipe, and your repeated calls to the attendant was no response, write a complaint. The result of this negligent attitude of the housing Department may be flooded neighbor's apartment.
If you flooded the apartment below through the fault of the housing Department, make a claim statement to the court or write a letter to the management of the campaign with the requirement to make repairs at their expense.
Write about why the problem happened, it was flooded and what is the extent of damage. List what things have deteriorated, for example, swelled laminate. Specify how many times and when it is desirable to write a specific date) did you apply to the housing Department. Every time submitting an application or complaint, register it and ostavlyaite make a copy.