First write a statement. Take an ordinary sheet of A4. The statement can be in written form without worrying about strict conformity to the sample, because this simply does not exist. For simplicity, focus on the standard form of any other application as they all have a similar structure.
The introductory part start with filling up the details of the addressee. In this case it will be the name of the Management company or TSZH (in full) and location. Next, specify who should be transferred to the application for consideration. Here write "Director" and enter the last name and initials. In the graph of the sender, specify your surname, name, patronymic and address, with contact number.
In the main part of the application will report the request to repair the porch and enter the date of the last repair (you can specify approx.) The frequency of repair of entrances is regulated by the provisions of clause 3.2.9. The resolution of the Gosstroy dated 27.09.2003 of 170 "Rules and norms of technical operation of housing", which refers to three or five years (depending on wear and class of building).
Describe in detail the degree of wear, highlighting specific areas requiring immediate repair.

Put the date of treatment. Sign and in brackets write the last name (surname and initials).