You will need
  • - application; - an extract from the decision; - the statement of claim; - passport; - copies of all documents.
Your statement are obliged to accept in any case. If the signal arrived, and a brigade of police responded to a call must be drawn up and interviewed all the witnesses who were present in violation of law or Commission of a wrongful action.
On the basis of the Protocol and the applications received must be a criminal or civil case, after consideration and investigation which the documents are submitted to arbitration or to a court of General jurisdiction.
To deny initiation of the case you can for two reasons – when there is no crime when the investigation revealed that the facts stated in your statement, had no place in reality. The second reason the investigation is not provided in deed, the deed of a crime, consequently, to punish the citizen, have not committed the fact of the crime, not for that.
If you do not agree with the results of the investigation or believe that the offense was evident, contact the law enforcement agencies, write a statement about the desire to obtain the refusal in writing.
Register the application in the office, to have proof of submission of the application.
On the basis of your appeal you will be given a certificate which, in fact, is an extract from the decision in refusal in excitation of criminal or civil case on the fact of your statement.
Under current legislation you have the right to appeal the actions of law enforcement officers. For this you can apply to the court or to the Prosecutor.
File a claim, submit all the documents on the fact of failure and photocopies, attach a copy of your previously filed statement on the investigation of the violations or illegal actions.
By order of the court or by order of a Prosecutor can be restored the right to the protection of your legitimate interests. Law enforcement agencies will be obliged to initiate proceedings and conduct additional investigation of newly discovered or existing violations, or wrongful acts.