You will need
  • the legislation of the Russian Federation, evidence of violations of the housing Department
Indicate whose name is written in the claim. This is usually the head of the housing Department, in which you will receive the claim. Also write your details: name, surname, patronymic, address and contact number so you could at any time be contacted.
Clearly and concisely describe the problem by listing all violations housing maintenance management. Will not be superfluous, if each its claim or the claim you will support with references or citations from the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Install the timing solutions to the problems that have arisen due to the negligence of workers ZHEU. Here you can also refer to the law if the law prescribes any deadlines for a solution to your questions and disagreements.
Write a list attached to the claim documents and evidence: certificates, letters, photos. All the evidence that are relevant to the problem.
Put the date of the claim and sign it with the signature. Also in addition if you have other boarders who have the same claim to the housing Department, they will put their signatures under the document you have prepared.
To make claim application in the form of the documents and evidence that you list in the list of attached documents.
If the claim is more than two pages, please number and sign each of them. Also if the application consists of more than two pages, sign each of them: App-1, App-2.
Make a claim in two copies. One you pass in the housing Department, the other copy will remain with the date of adoption of the document and signature of the accepting person. If the claim in ZHEU refused to accept, send her a registered letter with notification. This will be proof that the claim was sent to the recipient.