You will need
  • - a sample of a correctly completed application
Consider the type of treatment application. Update, written the application in a free form or is there a certain pattern. For example, making statements about the claims on the action of public utilities differ from applications for the provision of paid services to the population.
Start writing the statement with instructions of the addressee, who will consider your application and make a decision on this issue. This is usually the name and contact information for housing, the name and initials of the Director of the facility. Here include your details: home address, name and contact numbers. This information is placed in the upper right of the sheet.
Write in the center of the sheet the word "Statement" and make the text of the address pattern. Next, state the nature of your application, i.e. your reason. This may be a request for the provision of public services of a certain type ( for example, plumbing or electrical work, repair of apartments) or claims in connection with the unsatisfactory quality of the work performed. Describe the situation in detail, to avoid unnecessary questions. This will help you to quickly solve the problem.
Submit existing documents (a receipt, a contract for the provision of services, etc.). Be sure to make several copies of all documents in case of loss you will fill this gap. Sign the application and indicate the date of its issuance.
Always make a request in the housing in two copies. The application must be marked by the receiving person: state the number and date of adoption of the document, and the position and name of the person who received your document.
Do not forget to specify, when it will be considered your application and made a decision on your question. Make a copy of the application, the case of ignoring of your request. These documents will be useful if you want to go to court.