Click on the yellow key for communication with an emergency service, which is located in the lower part of the keypad of the Elevator. If nothing happened, try to click on it several times. After a while you will hear the voice of the emergency operator service. Describe to him the problem and provide the exact address where the stuck Elevator. The operator will suggest one possible way of solving the problem (try to lock or unlock the doors, press the panel keys in a particular order, etc.). If all else fails, you'll send a technician which will arrive after some time and will help you free.
If the call button Manager is not working and you have no way to get out, call the emergency services by dialling 112 from a mobile phone. This case is considered an emergency, and the emergency workers have to accept the challenge.
Call your friends or relatives, if you have a cell phone. Well, if you are aware of the numbers of your neighbors and acquaintances around the house, currently unable to be in his apartment. Let, to them that you are stuck in the Elevator, and ask for help. Your loved one may try to dial the emergency services, emergency management company or your home. Also don't forget to call my office or another place that you were going to warn of your delay.
Just try to call someone for help, yell and knock on the doors of the Elevator, if your phone is not, and the call button Manager is not working. Use this method in a pinch to distract residents and not to Wake them if you get stuck at a later time. Usually do not wait, and already the first player to reach the Elevator, tenants will assist you.