To see how much money left in your account in MTS, please, dial the following characters: *100# or #100#. Press the call button. Soon the phone will display information about your account balance. If you start the input with "stars", the information will come to you in the Cyrillic alphabet, and if "grid", then this text will be shown in Latin transcription. For example: "Balance:150r" or "Balans:150r".
MTS also provides customers services assistants in order to see the balance in the account. To use the Mobile assistant, please call the number 11111, robot-answering machine will give you the account balance. If this is inconvenient, you can send free SMS message with the text 11 to 111. In response you will receive SMS with balance information.
You can also use the Internet assistant. On the website of MTC ( enter the telephone number without spaces, starting with a three-digit network code) and a password. If you have not used the online helper or forgotten passwords, then set password. To do this, dial *111*25# and press the call button, you will receive a message that prompts you to enter a new password, answer it, putting from 4 to 7 digits for the password. You can do without SMS, call room 1115, and follow the instructions answering machine. You will be prompted to enter a password to complete the entry of numbers "with an asterisk, and then to agree with the entered data by pressing 1. After confirming the password can use it. When entering the online assistant you will immediately see your account balance, and will also benefit from many other features.