How to disable all paid services on the MTS

You cannot disable all paid services and subscriptions on MTS, not knowing about what services are available for your phone currently. To do this, type the keys command *152*2# and press the call button. On the screen or in a special SMS displays information about the paid services that are in your room. To disable all paid services on the MTS yourself, you can use a combination of *152*2*2*3#. You will then receive a notification about the successful execution of the operation.

You can disable all paid services to MTS through a personal account on the official website of the company. The entrance to the office is at the bottom of the page. All recommendations for obtaining your personal username and password will be given on the screen, and the registration procedure will not take much time. Appearance online assistant varies periodically, but in any case, you'll see the current services. Through the management of services, select those that are unnecessary, and unplug yourself.

Contact the help service operator to the number 0890, selecting the voice menu section of a direct connection to tech support. For starters, ask the operator to call pay-per-view services, and then inform which ones you want to disable. The operation is performed on the spot and at the end call it will be already disabled.

How to disable all subscriptions to MTS

Disable all paid subscriptions to MTS service will help "Control costs" to go in which will help of USSD-command *152#. Using the text menu you can deactivate the excess distribution. Also data about connected services please visit via SMS query with the number 1 to number 8111. Once you know what information services are active at the moment, look on the Internet or on the website of the operator codes that disable them, such as *111*29# to "Beep" *111*20# for WAP and *111*4751# weather info.

You can completely disable all paid services and subscriptions to MTS, having refused even newsletters MTS. Simply enter the command *111*375#. You will receive an SMS notifying you of the deactivation. It is worth considering that in the future this may prevent to find out information about your balance.

Contact any salon of MTS and ask them to deactivate all the paid services and subscriptions. For this you need a passport. However, recently the office staff are increasingly redirect the subscribers to your personal account on the operator's website, referring to the fact that some services can be disabled there. As a subscriber you have the right to insist that all the excess was cut off immediately in the cabin.