You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • -simkarty MTS.
If you are a user of the operator "MTS", then in order to check your account, you need to dial a combination of numbers and digits *100# or #100#. It depends on what you model of phone. Such request is made without payment. After some time information on the status of the account appear on the phone display. Note that for the implementation of this request requires that you were in an area where there is a network.
Another way to obtain information about their account and also other data about your room, it is a special operator's service "Internet Assistant". It can be activated in the following way: on the phone dial *111*23#. You will then hear instructions auto informant operator MTS.
Using the tips informant, set your phone password. Teach that the number of characters in the password must be from 4 to 7. Choose easy-to-remember password, so it is easy to gain during subsequent operations with this service. To set a password to access my personal account, you can also call the phone number 1115 and similarly follow the instructions of auto-informer.
After that you can login to your personal account. To do this, log in own room no eight, and the password – you set the combination. You will see a page, where the menu need to select "Account", then "State account". After that, the data about the balance of money in your mobile account will be immediately displayed on the screen of your phone.
If you suddenly forget a password, using the following step-by-step instructions on a site of MTS "Internet Assistant" can be easily retrieved.