You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - passport;
  • - access to the Internet.
To disable the connected paid services "MTS" enter with mobile phone combination *152*2# and press call. In response you will receive information about all services that are used in your room. To disable all subscriptions for which the operator removes money from the account, you can type *152*2*2*3#.
Call the operator hotline 0890 or 8(800)333-08-90 and wait for a response specialist. Not necessarily a long time to explain the situation, you just ask them to present you with a list of connected services and to cancel any unused subscriptions.
If the contract with the operator you have concluded yourself to turn off connected services "MTS", can creep into the sales office and service. For this operation you will need to show the passport and to write the corresponding application.
To disable the paid services you can use Internet assistant. Log in to your account on the website by entering your phone number and password. To receive the password you must click on a special link, it will come to you on the mobile. To disable active chargeable services, "MTS", to select "Services" and then entered in the "service Management", disable the options you don't need.
You can find out information about the connected services by sending an sms-request to number 8111 with the number "1". When you receive a message with the list of paid services "MTS", hooked on your room, you can find the codes to disable them.

For example, to disable the "GOOD'ok" service, you should dial *111*29#, and call, " MMS+" - *111*11#, "WAP+" - *111*20#, "Neighboring regions" - *111*2110# the "Chat" - *111*12# "weather Forecast" - *111*4751#. A complete list of codes off connected paid services "MTS" is available on the official website of the operator.