To find out information pertaining to their account in MTS in several ways. The simplest one is to call customer service of the company to the number 0890 and wait for a response operator. For MTS free call.
Another way is self-service using Internet assistant. For this you need to visit the official website of the cellular company of MTS – But before that you have to get the password, which is required for the data operation with a SIM card. To set the password you need to dial the following command on your phone: *111*25# and then follow the instructions. Or call the number 1115 and follow the instructions answering machine. The password must consist of 4 to 7 digits.
After done procedure, you need to go to the Internet helper MTS to make the required information: phone number and password. Next page will appear listing the possible operations with SIM-cards.
In the menu "Rates, services and discounts, click "Manage services". After that, you should see a list of the services activated on your SIM card.