You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • -the Internet.
To find out whether there is money on phone bills MTS, you can use the most simple and accessible method. If you are a subscriber of MTS, just take the phone and dial a simple key combination *100#. After that, press the call key. In just a few seconds on the phone to be available with information about how much money is currently in your account. The amount shown will be accurate to the penny.
If the need arises, you can contact us by phone customer service mobile operator MTS, which operates in your city or region. To get this service, use the rooms 0890 or 8-800-333-08-90. Calls to them are from a mobile phone.
To check the balance of the account at an Internet assistant. For starters, make a request by dialing *111*25#. You will receive a message, which will contain a request to enter a password containing from 4 to 7 digits. Send reply message with the password.
Visit MTS at Sign up on this website, putting in the "login" your phone number, and in the "password" is the password you sent in the response message. Taking advantage of Internet-helper, you can view all the transactions that happened with the account on your phone in a certain period.
It may be that the card is in GSM alarm device, and because of this to get it. In this case, connect a special function in the alarm device, which will ensure regular notification on the status of the account at the moment. Upon connection MTS-connect status of your account, easy to check in the settings of the modem. To do this simply select the menu item "check balance".