Use the subscriber's personal account, to see which paid services are connected to the MTS. To do this open the website of the mobile operator and click on the link "my account". If no login and password need to. Just follow the actions on the screen that a password was automatically generated and sent to you by SMS. Enter it in the box and you will see the "Personal Cabinet".
Navigate to manage services to check on connected paid services MTS. Here is a table that has several sections. Go to the cell services. Here you can disable one or the other of them, simply uncheck the box in front of her.
Please contact the help Desk MTS to find out what paid services are currently connected to the MTS. Please call 8 800 250 08 90. If you currently are in the network coverage of MTS, the call will be free. Tell the operator your passport details and ask them to comment on what you have connected to the service. After a while you will receive SMS-message with a list of current connected services. In addition, if near to you there is an office or a mobile communication of MTS, you can visit it and to specify which of the paid services connected to your phone.
Try to find out which of the paid services connected to MTS by a different method. Dial from your mobile phone special team *152*2#. Wait for a bit. Soon your room will get a TEXT message, which will contain data about all the current options, as well as fractional statistics on your monthly payments.