What kind of women can get a good Union man's Cancer?

A very harmonious Union will have men born under the sign Cancer woman Taurus. This family will always reign Supreme harmony, order, and warm relationships. Cancer takes the dominant position and Taurus around trying to agree with her lover. Of course, in this Union there may be some small household conflicts and misunderstandings, but in General such a marriage will be a success.

Very strong Union will have men Cancer with the Twins, but this will happen only if the representative of the stronger sex will not try to lock your beloved in a cage. Gemini will never suffer the restrictions of their personal space. The woman, in turn, must prove the man's loyalty and devotion and to restrict their emotionality.

Reliable Union happens between a man and a woman, born under the sign of Cancer. It will differ harmony and a high level of understanding. The violence of the passions from such a marriage should be expected, but it will be loaded with stability and reliability.

Strong Union expects male Cancer with Virgo, but it can crack if the family will experience financial difficulties.

The remarkable and enduring Union will have Cancer with Scorpio. The woman will take the dominant position, and the man will become a symbol of tenderness and care.

There is also hope for the marriage of male Cancer with Sagittarius. These people can simultaneously attract and repulse each other. However, the relationships between spouses will be rather difficult.

The most unpredictable relationship may be the man born under the sign of Cancer and female Fish. The fact that these folks can constantly quarrels, by the passionate truce. Harmony and balance here, what can we expect from this marriage. Stable such an Alliance can not be named, but the emotions will flow over the edge.

What women don't fit male Cancer?

Male Cancers it is better to abandon a love relationship with female Aries as the guy and the girl will simply reverse roles. Also will be unsuccessful alliances with Lions, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius. These pairs are almost not compatible with each other. However, to blindly believe love horoscopes still, not worth it. If you met the person next to you feel happy, take things into their own hands. Your happiness depends only on you.