Advice 1: Make friends with anyone at work: Zodiac sign Compatibility

Friendships at work is a double - edged sword. On the one hand, you spend most of the day with colleagues, communicate and share problems. But on the other hand, it is the people with whom you share a business relationship. Excessive intimacy can damage a career or set up the team against you. Those who believe in astrology will be useful to map the compatibility of Zodiac signs to create sincere friendly relations with colleagues.
Make friends with anyone at work: Zodiac sign Compatibility
Of course, the card compatibility can not guarantee a perfect result, as each person has unique traits and its own worldview. However, global experience specialists, astrologists shows that the pattern still exists.

Vnutritrekovye relationship

As a rule, people of the same sign of the Zodiac formed a good friendship. It is easy to communicate, because they have a lot in common. They well understand each other Aquarians. However, heterosexual fellow Aquarians can prevent the resulting feelings of sexual attraction.

More difficult to build dialogue two rams, especially if their career and observed professional growth. In this situation, the Rams will try to break out ahead, and the rivalry will only hurt their friendship. Another thing, if colleagues-Rams work on the same project. This will strengthen their relationship.

Scorpions of course become good friends, but one cannot expect complete honesty from them, because Scorpio does not always say what he thinks. The Twins have communication like steeplechase. Their mood and plans are constantly changing, which, of course, maintain the interest of the friends to each other, but can interfere with the course of joint work.

Fellow Capricorn, related to any material interest, will become each other's most reliable support, because they tend not betrayal.

Fish are to each other, a kind of vest, which can never alleviate all problems associated with personal life and work. Fish like no one else will understand the feelings of the other Fish, if it was a conflict with management or other colleagues.

Virgo - the sign, which is characterized by increased responsibility throughout. Two virgin colleagues are capable of strong friendship, mutual help in work, help each other.

Sagittarius is the real adventurer. This may considerably harm their careers. The friendship of the two archers could lead to this house in production and considerably annoy others.

Fellow Bulls represent the most stable Union. Their thoroughness in all strengthen their position in the team and help to successfully implement the plans. The emergence of such friendships at work will cause nervous other colleagues, as friends, Taurus things are going just on "cheers."

The friendship of the two Scales and the two Cancers are similar. Such relationships are built on trust and emotions. Importantly, these unions disintegrated, because Libra and Cancers lose all ability to work effectively, experiencing failure in a relationship with a colleague.

Lions - very loyal friends, but one lion always drag the blanket over himself in friendship with another Lion. This also applies to the volume of work and responsibility.

Minakova relationship

With regard to relations of different Zodiac signs, financial flair Rams well complement the loyalty and silence of Fish. Taurus and Scorpio can work miracles. Both signs are very responsible and capable, based on the experience of each other to create a benefit where others will not see it.

Emotional stability Twins well set off a calm, reasonable nature of the virgin, but with Sagittarius and Gemini is best avoided.

Colleagues Fish and Cancer is a good sense of each other on a psychological level. But they are completely different, so this friendship can last up to the first error in the documents.

A good gentle attitude towards colleagues under the signs of Leo and Libra. They are decent and I appreciate the friendship of each other. Leo with Aries may be good creative Union, if only one will be able to respect the opinions of others.

If we are talking about material, Capricorn and Virgo can become good friends at work. These signs love money and responsible attitude to work. Libra hard converge with other signs. By themselves, they are able to work to exhaustion. Other signs can cause them to doubt themselves and to harm the working atmosphere.

Scorpio and Capricorn creates work rather a business relationship than personal. But friendship with Aquarius in the workplace is best to avoid all signs. Aquarians head in the clouds, forgetting all the planned activities and dates. Trusting to such a sign at work, you can get a lot of problems.

Advice 2 : What each Zodiac sign

Sometimes it happens that people find it difficult to find a common language. But someone sometimes it is necessary to maintain good relations. In this case, the help of astrology. Knowing the characteristics of the zodiac signs, you can strike up quite a good friendship.
What each Zodiac sign

Is it possible to find a friend zodiac sign?

Astrologers believe that the alignment of stars and planets at the time of birth of a person determine his fate. People born under the same zodiac sign, have something in common. But this does not mean that they are completely identical. Each individual person is a unique special person that is able by his actions to change the fate. The zodiac sign is just a landmark on the main features of human nature, which can help to find to it the approach and to avoid misunderstandings.

People are all, without exception, signs of the zodiac can be friends. Depending on the person's belief, his temperament friendship may be different. It is unlikely that someone chose their friend's zodiac sign. People first learn, communicate, and sympathy occurs before they learn the zodiac signs each other. If a friendly relationship is necessary, for example, between colleagues or with boss, then knowing under what sign of the zodiac a person was born, will help to understand his nature, to smooth things over and avoid conflict.

How to build a friendly relationship with different zodiac signs?

There are no bad or good signs of the zodiac. You just need to understand how to make friends with a certain sign because each has advantages, disadvantages and weaknesses.

Thus, people born under the zodiac sign of Leo may seem arrogant, but actually they are very sociable and a bit naive, because we believe in everything they say. They are able to melt away from flattery.

Aries is a strong and energetic people. It is difficult to find a common language with people of a different temperament. In addition, they are very straightforward, so not capable of meanness.

As for the Taurus, in General, they are calm and patient people, but sometimes too stubborn and capricious. They love to solve everything, do not suffer when they impose something. Of the Taurus will make reliable friends.

Those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini is curious, witty, in need of care of others, do not stand alone. To strengthen friendly relations, often they praise and encourage.

The behavior of the Crayfish always depends on my mood, which does not depend on anything. So some things they can be forgiven. People of this sign interesting, because they have a developed intuition, a rich inner world and subtle sense of humor.

If you want to build a friendly relationship with the Virgins, know that it is a very practical people, they need all over the a clear line of conduct.

With Weights it is easy to find a common language, as it is very tolerant sign. They care peace, so they do not like quarrels and disputes and tried his best to avoid them.

Scorpios have the strength and energy, but unlike the Rams do not give it out, and concentrate. So often withdrawn, irritable. But people born under this sign can give another the feeling of reliability and security.

The Sagittarius is never boring. He is enterprising, active, good-natured and cheerful. You should always remember that the Archers have a tendency to adventurism and unpredictability.

Capricorn – reserved people. Don't be offended by them, they find it difficult to Express their feelings. But they are very purposeful and hardworking.

Aquarians do not tolerate monotony and routine. They have a constant need to change something. They literally gush of ideas. But do not assume that you will manage it easily in something to convince. Beliefs of Aquarius very hard. You will need serious arguments to persuade a man is a sign in their favor.

People born under the sign of Pisces, is able to easily adapt to any conditions. But it requires the proper attitude. Without it, they will just float, and nothing can bring them back.

Be tolerant to your friends. Any man, no matter which zodiac sign he is born, try to find the positives, then communication will become easier and more pleasant. And don't forget that people meet each other has something to teach.

Advice 3 : What Zodiac signs best friends

To find a true friend in life means finding true support and protection. What Zodiac signs is better to be friends and which it is desirable to avoid? Perhaps the answer lies in the compatibility of the signs, and maybe, buried in the characters, which gives representatives of the zodiacal stars.
What Zodiac signs best friends
Friendly enthusiasts Rams, for example, can be considered great friends, because he is not able to betray and to be with his best friend and in great sorrow and in great joy. However, being next to them, you need to prepare for obedience, because these signs just love to dominate and dominate.
Not loving verbiage Taurus - loyal and trusted colleagues, despite the fact that conversations can not support and do not know how, will always have financial support, help with money to pay.
Always full of new ideas for Twin - very funny and friendly friend, despite the fact that the strong partnership with him obviously will not work, he is able to defuse the situation, to create an atmosphere of lightness and ease.
Sociable and require regular psychological involvement in their lives and the Cancers themselves can become a "life vest" for your neighbor. In a difficult moment will carefully listen, give good advice.
In order to make friends with a Lion, you must be quite an erudite and worthwhile person, after all, kings who like noisy, outrageous parties, needs to have a people who are obliged to praise and entertain.
Responsible Virgo hate noisy activities, attracting unwanted attention to their person, however, on ordinary days with a great pleasure will come to you at home with your pasties and a sincere desire to help in cleaning.
Libra - friends for many years, subject to human passions and emotions, transform the friendship into a bowl, filled and bright conflicts and reconciliations.
Jealous Scorpios are not only responsible approach to the choice of comrades, but tenaciously stick into them their "feet", jealous and does not tolerate when their own friend pays too much attention to someone else.
Adventurers archers in the life of just one faithful friend with whom to share the joy of adventure, come to mind. Sagittarius perfect partners for the lions and the Twins.
Silent Capricorn is quite difficult to find a common language, but make friends with them one day, you will find a reliable and right half, which is always and everywhere will come to the rescue in the most difficult moment. But friendly and sociable Aquarius, on the contrary, it's quite easy to meet people and have hundreds of friends in social networks and in real life.
Pisces is very difficult to converge with others in order to get them you need to show adujie patience and spend a lot of effort to get users interested and began to trust you.

Advice 4 : How to make friends zodiac sign

Astrology is science to help you understand the people with whom communication occurs. Each person has their zodiac sign. The constellation great affect friendships. Sometimes to better to know someone enough to ask, under what constellation a person was born.
How to make friends zodiac sign
Knowing who horoscope the best friend, acquaintance or colleague, it is much easier not only to find this man a common language, but also to understand whether it is necessary to communicate, as some signs are incompatible. Each sign is unique and unrepeatable.
Aries is a fairly reliable people, ready to support in any situation. Also with them is never boring, they will always find something fun. The lack of friendship with Aries is that they are looking for friends who will to obey them. Otherwise, the friendship will not last long. To arieses is better to be friends with Aquarius, Gemini or Sagittarius.
Taurus is very responsive and loyal friend. He never fails to help and useful advice. Taurus will always help in material terms: money, things. Usually friendship with the representative of this sign can last for many years. The Bulls themselves are very dear friends and are doing everything possible to strengthen and maintain good relations. Representatives of this sign is best friends with Fish, Crabs, Capricorn.
Gemini is usually intermittent and rarely get attached to people. They are more interested in books, songs, travel. So a close friendship with them will not work. But if you have a companion Twin, you will not be bored: from time to time he will appear and amaze with their antics, and then disappear again. Gemini communication is more suitable: Aries, Libra, Aquarius.
Cancer is a friend who is always ready to help. They are generous and ready for your friend to much, but their services are never selfless. Representatives of this sign love to share their problems with friends, but on the contrary, the best moments shared with outsiders. Those who are friends with Cancers, you need to remember that they are very sincere, but at the same time quite closed. This sign is recommended to be friends with Lions, Virgins, Fish.
Leo - arrogant and selfish sign. He likes to surround himself with attention and be the center of all events. Each of this zodiac sign needs to be very patient and generous. Leo can easily forgive, but the hurt never forgets. Friends Lions present a number of requirements. The main qualities that they look for in people is the erudition and sense of humor. Good friendship happens with the Twins, Rams, Scorpions.
Virgin usually shows care and compassion to your friends. People born under this sign love to give advice. Friends like Virgo is always ready to help in household Affairs. Each of this constellation is very attentive to any detail and loves to point out the shortcomings of others. Virgos are comfortable being friends with Taurus, Capricorn, Cancers.
Libra is faithful and devoted friends. They always tell the truth help and advice. Libra appreciates the friendship, which can last for many years. The representatives of this zodiac sign is one of the few who is able to accept friends for who they are. Libra like Gemini, Leos, Aquarians.
Scorpio - not a friendly sign. A few friends of Scorpio should be sensitive to such a friendship. It is very reliable and loyal friend. However, if he learns about the betrayal, or treason, it can quickly turn into an enemy. Scorpio is best friends with Virgo, Capricorn and Aries.
Sagittarius – a friend with whom time is always fun and relaxed. It is reliable, cheerful and resourceful. Sagittarius always find a way out of any situation. It is possible not to be afraid, he will always come for help and support. He better make friends with Aries, Gemini, Lions.
Capricorn is a very private sign. He rarely trusts their feelings and share secrets. But he is always willing to help and and advice. Friendship with Capricorn can last until old age. They will help in difficult times. Friends they get better with Scorpions, Crabs, Fish.
Aquarius usually has a large number of friends. Although really he can only be friends with one or two from among their comrades. Aquarius is ready to help in difficult times. He's comfortable in society with Gemini, Sagittarius.
Fish – one of the most loyal and devoted signs of the Zodiac. They strive to create strong friendships for life. The representatives of this constellation I want to win the full confidence of his friend. Pisces is always in search of a close spiritual connection with a man. Such friends as they are very honest and sincere. They do not tolerate betrayal and can long remember resentment. Openness and honesty are the main qualities that the fish appreciate in the other person. Fish better with Cancers, Lions, Goats.
Representatives of different constellations have distinctive features in the nature and in everyday life. But this does not prevent entirely different people to create a long and strong friendship. If a person truly is easy and comfortable, the zodiac sign plays the key values.
Useful advice
Different zodiac signs have similar properties, depending on their element. If a person, for example, Cancer, then it is suitable for all water signs. That is, the element is crucial.
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