When you think about how to win a womanCancer, remember that she's fragile and vulnerable, needs your care and tenderness. Meet her when she comes home from work, help carry heavy bags, to negotiate with doctors if she was ill. Try to make her understand that you are always near and ready to help on the first call. Believe me, it will work on Cancer much more than luxury bouquets and expensive chocolates.
A woman with Cancer can not tolerate conflict. It's hard for her to survive the scandals and squabbles, she could not calm down after such events. Understand that people without flaws do not exist and learn to accept the beloved as she is. If you're irritated for any reason, then the question how to enchant a womanCancer you are unlikely to find the answer.
Treat her problems with understanding, learn to listen and hear his darling. A woman with Cancer needs to have a close person able to empathize and sympathize. Let you have a couple of hours to be bored, the main thing – the beloved will be comfortable.
Communicate with her family, don't forget to congratulate them on their holidays. A woman with Cancer needs to see that her world is your world too: are you ready to live a common life, sharing grief and joy. Where are the relatives? Despite the fact that these people are important to her, that is, they cannot be indifferent and loving her man. For this reason never let a lady to communicate with your friends. Let them understand that you are trying to separate from her.
No offense to the femaleCancer. She has incredible sensitivity and intuition, and resentment, even hidden deep in the soul, will not go unnoticed by her. By the way, to change the beloved, born under the sign of Cancer, is also not worth it: trust me, no conspiracy will not save you from exposure. Be gentle with your darling and you will be able to win her heart!