Scorpion Woman

This woman knows her worth and will not waste your time on trifles, if it contains all the qualities that attract members of the opposite sex. For the love of a woman – Scorpio is capable of much. She chooses their companion in life worthy of men.

Scorpio and Aries. The Union of these two is able to obtain all that it can aspire people. They have a great understanding of their characters are similar. Such a marriage is similar to a rapid swirl of events and passions. They will never be bored together.

Scorpio and Taurus. This relationship between two strong-minded people. They love and respect each other. Their views on what should be the ideal family, fully coincide. Scorpion woman happy to allow the Calf to be head of the family.

Scorpio and Cancer. Here the main role assumed by the woman. Scorpio can inspire indecisive Cancer and give him the strength to fight to change lives for the better. In this possible marriage frequent quarrels, which will end the stormy scenes of reconciliation.

Scorpio and Virgo. They have much in common in character. They seek for justice and always honest. The Union of Scorpio and Virgo is most often based on friendship. They are always ready to lend each other a shoulder in a difficult minute. However, to make this marriage could survive long, both of them have to go to meet each other and consider the feelings of their mate.

Scorpio and Capricorn. If at the beginning of life together Scorpio and Capricorn will be able to find a common language, their Union will be strong. Their relationship is everything they both want. Both signs want a serious relationship and a lasting marriage. They value reliability and stability in life.

Scorpio and Pisces. In this marriage there will be love, friendship and understanding. Sensitive Pisces and energetic Scorpio is perfectly suited to each other. Both of these sign appreciate in your partner loyalty and constancy. They can happily live together for years.


This man is never boring. His feelings are just overflowing. Male-Scorpio - very strong and passionate person, with an enviable constancy. He is willing to do anything for his beloved, and these are not empty words.

Scorpio and Aries. Passionate and hot Union, which, despite a storm of emotions, promises to be long and happy. However, the Aries woman must learn to cede power to Scorpio, otherwise violent quarrels can not be avoided.

Scorpio and Taurus. It's safe to say that this is the best combination. They perfectly complement each other. Their life together is full of emotions and experiences. Scorpio and Taurus knows how to be their marriage and will try our best to build the perfect relationship.

Scorpio and Leo. For the stormy love affair of the best combination of zodiac signs think hard. They are passionate lovers, but unfortunately, family life for them will be torture. However, if both learn to constantly give to each other, they will have the chance to build a long lasting relationship.

Scorpio and Pisces. This Union can be called mystical. The energy flows of the two partners in each other, and makes you feel between themselves inextricably linked. It is in this marriage Scorpio can be truly happy. This is the case when opposites together make a harmonious pair.