Guys are susceptible to Cancers of the female stuff - shooting eyes, touch your hips, twisting strands of hair on the finger, the lip-licking. They will not take the initiative for closer fellowship, but will look at it all and slowly fall in love. In General, Cancers are often suffering from unrequited love because of his stealth. Therefore, your task - to attract the attention of Cancer flirting, and then find a reason for closer acquaintance.
Cancers like it when they are appreciated and respected as men. So let them show their best qualities. Ask the guy to help with car repairs, home late in the evening, to tell you how to cope better with work, etc. In the process of communication you can have a conversation in which they realize that the guy you are very interesting.
More praise Cancer. He's not too confident, and your words will boost his self-esteem. He will thank you for it, and will look at you with different eyes.
Cancers really appreciate sincere communication. It is of interest to them even more than physical intimacy. If you have made a friend with Cancer, consider that he's almost in love with you. Strongly provoke him a revelation. The more often it will gush, the more you will fall in love.
If you want to take things to the next level - take the initiative. Male Cancer is not opposed to the first woman admitted in love. He will be grateful to her for that and sure will talk about their own feelings.
Men born under the sign of Cancer, is very susceptible to the opinions of others. They want next to them was a beautiful woman that everyone will admire. Only then will he be able to fall in love for real. Therefore, become perfect. Watch out for hair, manicure, skin. Get fit in style. Get rid of excess weight. If you combine warmth with a charming appearance, male Cancer in you will definitely fall in love.